Police Department Services

The Ridgefield Police Department provides the following services to Ridgefield’s residents and visitors:

Concealed Weapon Permits: The cost for a new license is $50.75. You may renew your concealed weapon permit up to 90 days for $32. Call the police department for an appointment, and bring a piece of identification with you. The application can be downloaded here.

Prescription Medications: Ridgefield Police Department accepts unwanted prescription medications during normal business hours.

Dog License: The City requires licensing for dogs age six months and older. To obtain a license, complete and return the application.

Vacation Check: To request that an officer check your home while you are out of town, complete this form and return it to the police department 

Fingerprinting: The Police Department offers fingerprinting services for a nominal fee. Contact PD to make an appointment.

Requesting Police Department Records

To request records from the Police Department, complete the Request Form.  For more information about requesting public records, see City Clerk page.