City Council


Time: 6:30 pm
Date: Second and fourth Thursday of each month, the first and third Thursday in November and December
Location: Columbia Assembly Room
Ridgefield Administrative and Civic Center
510 Pioneer Street

You may also join the meeting via Zoom:

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Study Sessions

From time to time, City Council will meet prior to the regular meeting for a “Study Session.” Study sessions do not have to follow a formal agenda, the purpose of study session discussion is to allow Council members to be made aware of impending business and allow informal discussion of issues that might be acted on at a future regular session meeting. Study sessions are public meetings and members of the public are welcome to attend. When scheduled, Study Session will appear at the top of the agenda for an upcoming meeting on Agendas & Minutes.

RCW 9.41.305 – It is unlawful for a person to knowingly open carry any weapon including, but not limited to, a firearm, knife, stun gun, or other dangerous weapon as defined in RCW 9.41.250, into any location housing a public meeting or hearing.


  1. Head and shoulder portrait of Mayor Jennifer Lindsay

    Jennifer Lindsay


  1. Head and shoulder portrait of Councilor Ron Onslow

    Ron Onslow


  1. Head and shoulders portrait of Councilor Clyde Burkle

    Clyde Burkle


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    Lee Wells


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    Rob Aichele


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    Judy Chipman


Vision Statement 

Connecting our historic past with a healthy future where people, nature, and business flourish together.

Mission Statement

Committed to providing the community with superior services, building on the proud history, and meeting the challenges that shape our future.

Ridgefield City Council Professional Code of Conduct

The Ridgefield community is entitled to a fair, ethical and accountable local government. The general public should have full confidence that their elected and appointed officials:

  • Are good stewards of the public's trust and committed to serving in the best interest of the Ridgefield community;
  • Comply with both the letter and spirit of the laws and policies affecting the operations of city government;
  • Are independent, impartial and fair in their judgment and actions;
  • Use their public office for the public good, not for personal gain; and
  • Conduct public deliberations and processes openly, unless required by law to be confidential, in an atmosphere of respect and civility

Read the Professional Code of Conduct for City Councilors. It describes core values: the traits and qualities that represent our highest priorities. These values are the fundamental forces that define our behavior.

This document also creates a system that enables City Councilors and city residents to seek guidance and redress regarding potential violations of this Code of Conduct.

Equity Statement

The City of Ridgefield recognizes the great value of diversity of culture, background, race, language, ability, age, gender identity, economic status, religion, and other factors. This means:

  • The City recognizes the role that government can play in breaking down barriers to equitable access to opportunities.
  • We continually celebrate the diverse community different individuals cultivate.
  • We are committed to ensuring fair and equitable access to City programs, services, and employment.
  • Elected officials and staff will continually work with the Ridgefield community towards economic, civic, and social justice.

All City staff are committed to the following values:

We will treat every person with respect and dignity. Always. We celebrate and embrace diversity and respect each person's individuality, opinions, feelings, and unique talents. Our workplace is to be a shelter from violence, threats, harassment of any kind, discrimination, retribution, bullying, and abuse. Every person who comes in contact with a City of Ridgefield employee, including other employees, can expect honesty, fair dealing, and courtesy. No amount of authority, status, or power can excuse anyone in our organization from treating another with rudeness, humiliation, or disrespect. Ever.

The citizens of Ridgefield adopted the council-manager plan of government in 1999. Under this form of government, the elected officials are the community leaders and policy makers who establish a vision for the city and then appoint a city manager to carry out public policy and ensure that all residents are being well served. The council-manager form of local government combines the strong political leadership of elected officials with the strong professional experience of an appointed local government manager.

The City Council consists of seven members who are elected by the citizens of Ridgefield on a non-partisan basis for four-year terms. Elections are arranged so that three or four terms expire every two years. Council members have the responsibility of establishing policy to govern the City, adopting a budget for city revenues and expenditures, and performing all other actions necessary to govern the City, including the passage of ordinances and resolutions.

The Council is led by the Mayor, who is appointed biennially by the members of the Council. The Mayor serves as the chief spokesperson and head of the City government for public and ceremonial purposes. They preside at all Council meetings, vote as a Council member and do not have any veto power. They may sign legal instruments and documents on behalf of the City. They have no full-time administrative duties.

In April 2014, Council established an independent Salary Commission composed of five members to set the salary of the mayor and council members. Find details about the Commission are in the Ridgefield Municipal Code, Chapter 2.62.