Appear Before the Council

Citizen Presentation Guidelines for City Council Meeting

All public meetings of the City Council are open to the public. Members of the public are invited to speak at the meetings at specific times during each meeting:

  • During a time reserved for public comment at the beginning and toward the end of each meeting. Individuals may speak for approximately three minutes on an item of City business that is not subject to a specific Public Hearing.
  • During a public hearing. Individuals may speak for approximately three minutes to present their views on the topic of the hearing.
  • At any time specifically requested by a Councilmember.

Any other communication with City Council or staff must be outside of the meeting.

Procedures for Speaking at a Regular City Council Meeting

To assure that meetings are orderly and effective, speakers who wish to comment or testify before the City Council are required to comply with specific meeting procedures as follows.
Comments will be limited to three minutes unless otherwise announced by the Mayor.

  • The Mayor will announce that Public Comment or a Public Hearing is open. At the appropriate time, speakers should approach the podium and state their full name and address. All remarks should be addressed to the Council as a whole.
  • You may also provide the Council with written comments or materials to accompany your comments. These materials should be submitted to the City Clerk prior to the meeting.
  • Each person who addresses the Council shall do so in an orderly manner and shall not make disruptive, disparaging or impertinent remarks or unreasonably disturb the business of the Council. Any person who makes such remarks or who becomes boisterous, threatening or personally abusive to a member of the Council, staff or general public shall be asked to leave, or be removed from the meeting.
  • Speakers should not promote or oppose any candidate for public office or any ballot proposition.

For additional information about meeting procedures and speaking at a Council meeting, refer to the Governance Coordination Manual and / or Robert's Rules of Order.