City Manager

Vision Statement

Connecting our historic past with a healthy future where people, nature, and business flourish together.

Mission Statement

Committed to providing the community with superior services, building on the proud history, and meeting the challenges that shape our future.

Core Beliefs

  1. City government is an accessible and relevant form of democracy. To that end, as elected council members we remain involved in the local community and endeavor to be responsive to community concerns through focused, fair, and friendly actions respectful of individuals and the community as a whole.
  2. We believe that good government requires open and clear communication.
  3. We strive for civility between ourselves and the electorate and are empathetic and open to new ideas while shaping the vision and laying the ground work for the best quality of life we perceive possible for present and future generations of our neighbors and families.
  4. We are passionately dedicated to a local government that is in whole, and every part, efficient, compassionate, and competent in the skills required to provide the services and facilities for which we have joined together to remain and become the City of Ridgefield.

Equity Statement

The City of Ridgefield recognizes the great value of diversity of culture, background, race, language, ability, age, gender identity, economic status, religion, and other factors. This means:

  • The City recognizes the role that government can play in breaking down barriers to equitable access to opportunities.
  • We continually celebrate the diverse community different individuals cultivate.
  • We are committed to ensuring fair and equitable access to City programs, services, and employment.
  • Elected officials and staff will continually work with the Ridgefield community toward economic, civic, and social justice.

All City staff are committed to the following values:

We will treat every person with respect and dignity. Always. We celebrate and embrace diversity and respect each person's individuality, opinions, feelings and unique talents. Our workplace is to be a shelter from violence, threats, harassment of any kind, discrimination, retribution, bullying and abuse. Every person who comes in contact with a City of Ridgefield employee, including other employees, can expect honesty, fair dealing and courtesy. No amount of authority, status or power can excuse anyone in our organization from treating another with rudeness, humiliation or disrespect. Ever.

The current City Manager is Steve Stuart.
Steve Stuart's career has focused for the past 18 years on public service for Washington communities.

Steve joined the City of Ridgefield in April 2014, after almost ten years serving as a Clark County Commissioner. For almost two decades, his career has focused on public service - especially work helping communities with land use law and policy - around the Pacific Northwest.

City Manager Steve Stuart

Prior to joining the City of Ridgefield, Steve worked extensively at the State, regional, and local levels, in roles including:

  • Clark County Commissioner
  • Washington Public Works Board
  • Washington Association of Counties Legislative Committee Co-Chair
  • SW WA Regional Transportation Council, Chair and Member
  • Clark County Agricultural Preservation Advisory Committee Chair
  • Urban Policy Board Chair
  • C-TRAN Board of Directors
  • Bi-State Coordinating Committee Co-Chair
  • Joint Planning Advisory Committee on Transportation
  • Friends of Clark County, Executive Director
  • 1000 Friends of Washington, State Policy Director

Recognition of Steve's work for healthy communities includes the 2002 statewide award for leadership in promoting growth management for a better Washington and the 2014 Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Statesman of the Year Award.

Steve grew up in the Ridgefield area, attending Prairie High School where he is a member of both the alumni and athletic Hall of Fames. He graduated from Linfield College with Bachelor's Degrees in Business and Sociology, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Oregon. He is an active member of the Washington State Bar Association.