Junction Sub Area

Ridgefield Junction straddles the I-5 interchange at Pioneer Street. It encompasses a mix of commercial and industrially zoned land in contrast to the primarily residential uses that dominate most of the city.

The Junction is a mixed-use destination that provides an attractive, distinctive gateway to Ridgefield and serves as an important employment and commerce center for the city and region. Key institutions and industrial anchors are the foundation for the Junction's vitality, and new development reinforces Ridgefield's aesthetic appeal and capitalizes on its scenic setting.


  • Vacant, buildable land with room to grow.
  • Easy access to I-5, Portland-Metro area and all points north and south
  • Visibility to high-volume I-5 vehicle traffic: up to 80,000 per day and growing
  • Fully-developed infrastructure reduces development time and money
  • Population within 20 minutes - 348,000; within 30 minutes - 996,000; within 45 minutes - 2 million

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