2019 Community Survey

City Council has commissioned a study to evaluate the health, quality of life and planning priorities for the City of Ridgefield. This is our second community study, and we will be able to compare this year’s results with our previous results and those of similar communities around the country.

We really want to know what we’re doing well and where we need to improve. It is very important that we hear from you.

A representative population has been randomly selected by Cobalt Community Research to receive a cover letter and survey in the mail – if you have received a survey in your mailbox please follow the directions that are included to provide your feedback. Citizens who do not receive a physical survey are still able to participate in the study through an online survey.

Your feedback is very important. Your City Council is reaching out to citizens like you to help the City meet and exceed your expectations for the services you need and to ensure your tax dollars are being spent wisely. Your responses help shape policies and priorities for the City of Ridgefield now and in the future.

With our first survey, many citizens who were not randomly selected expressed a desire to submit their feedback. This time we have opened an online survey for all citizens of Ridgefield to participate.

Submit Your Feedback

If you have received this survey in the mail, please follow the instructions given to submit your feedback. 

If you have not received a survey in the mail and would like to provide feedback in our community survey, please visit: http://www.CobaltCommunityResearch.org/RF and enter “Ridgefield” when asked for a survey ID number.

Surveys must be completed by Friday, October 18.

Please focus your responses on the City of Ridgefield. While the City may not have authority over every service explored in this survey, local officials will better understand our needs and share them with others.

The City of Ridgefield and Cobalt Community Research are working together on this study. Cobalt is a 501c3 nonprofit organization created to help governmental and non-profit organizations measure, benchmark, and manage their efforts through high-quality, affordable research. Visit their website to learn more.