Streets & Trees

Public Works Street Operations address pothole repair requests, pavement markings, as well as signs and removal of dead animals in the public right-of-way. Please contact us at 360-887-8251 if you have any questions or report a problem.

Submit an Online Service Request

Use AccessRidgefield to submit a question or comment, identify an issue, or report a concern. Staff will receive your form during regular business hours and respond accordingly.


Have you seen a street light that is out, on during the day, damaged or flickering on and off? Please contact Public Works at 360-887-8251, option 1, option 2. When reporting, please have the following information ready:

  • Pole number
  • Street address, if available
  • Nearest cross street
  • Contact name and phone number

Turnaround is generally a week for standard repairs. Lead times on damaged lights may be longer depending on replacement parts needed.

Street Trees

Street trees/row trees are an important amenity to the City. They provide shade, habitat, and beauty. However, street trees in the right-of-way may impact safe movement and parking, as well as room for pedestrians and cyclists. Therefore, to promote safety and protect the traveling public, the city requires that street trees be trimmed in order to provide a minimum clearance of nine feet above the sidewalk/walkway for pedestrian safety and thirteen and a half feet on the street side to allow for larger vehicles and to ensure visibility.

Street trees in the right-of-way adjacent to private property are the responsibility of the property owner to maintain. Please do your part to maintain the vegetation adjacent to your property.

  • If your tree needs to be trimmed and you do not have the time or ability to do it yourself, please contact a local arborist who can provide this service for you.
  • Provide your tree with 10 to 15 gallons of water per week for the first three years, especially when it gets hot and dry outside. This is the best way to ensure your tree's survival.
  • Weeds and grass are strong competitors for water, so they should be kept clear of the base of your tree's trunk. It is important, however, to be careful when mowing or weed-eating around your tree. The living tissue of a tree is just below the surface; cuts and scrapes inflicted during the first year of a tree's life can cause permanent damage to your tree.
    Provide treatment to prevent insects and diseases.

Street Tree Removal

The City of Ridgefield requires a tree removal permit for trees on public property. Contact the Public Works Operations Division at 360-887-8251 for more information or visit the Permit Center for the Permit Application and Approved Tree List.

Report Hazardous Street Trees

Hazardous trees can be a threat to life and property. If you see a tree that is in the public right of way and / or is potentially hazardous, for example broken branches, or leaning trunk, please contact the Public Works Operations Division at 360-887-8251 for an evaluation.

For more information about tree care and city requirements, refer to Ridgefield Municipal Code Title 12.12.020.
Transportation Improvement Program

View the following documents for the relevant six year transportation improvement program: