Pavement Management Program

The City of Ridgefield maintains about 50 linear miles of paved streets.

Ridgefield's livability, economic vitality, and public safety depend on a healthy, viable street system. Pavement management is a way of protecting this community asset and maximizing the life of our streets. Each year, staff evaluates pavement conditions and determines the most cost-effective methods to extend pavement life and improve the driving surface. When streets begin to fail, they fail quickly and the costs to repair them increases dramatically. To use resources most efficiently, the city's primary focus has been on keeping good streets in good condition.

Pavement Management 2023

This includes upgrading substandard roads, improving pavement conditions, and improving ADA accessibility. Scheduled maintenance extends the life of our streets by 50% and costs less than extensive repairs needed without it. Every year the City Council has increased the funding for this maintenance and preservation, which - thanks to Ridgefield voters - comes from a sales tax paid by all who shop or build in the City.

Our Ridgefield Roundtable 2023 Pavement Preservation page provides a detailed look at the pavement preservation happening in 2023.

Details on Specific Preservation methods can be found on the Street Maintenance and Preservation Methods page. Pavement Preservation and Maintenance projects are funded through the Ridgefield Transportation Benefit District.