Stormwater Management

The Stormwater Division of the Public Works Department provides direction, technical expertise for storm water systems as well as maintain of storm water drainage facilities.

Our mission is to ensure the public's health and safety and to protect the environment by establishing and enforcing standards for stormwater drainage and environmental protection.

For information about Stormwater utility fees or your utility statement, please visit the Utility Account page.

What is Storm water?

Storm water is rainfall, snowmelt, or any precipitation, that is not absorbed into the soil. It runs off rooftops, over sidewalks, down street curbs and across parking lots, eventually entering our local streams, creeks, and river.

In cities and towns, impervious surfaces such as roads, sidewalks, and roofs prevent storm water from naturally soaking into the ground. This runoff then picks up pollutants like oil, gas, fertilizer, and sediment before flowing into storm drains and local streams. Storm water run-off is highly regulated by the Washington State Department of Ecology through the Clean Water Act.

Managing Stormwater Run-Off

The city's storm water drainage system is the managed infrastructure that collects, detains and treats storm water run-off. In addition to maintaining these facilities, the city also inspects private facilities and investigate illicit discharge.

The Ridgefield Stormwater Utility was created to maintain Storm water facilities and regulate the flow of surface water and storm water within the city limits. Storm water Utility codes may be found in Chapter 13.75 of the Ridgefield Municipal Code. To cover the costs of the utility, all parcels within the City of Ridgefield are charged a storm water service charge, outlined in the Municipal Code.

The Ridgefield Stormwater Management Plan (PDF) guides future decisions for planning, funding and implementing the City's stormwater program.

Have questions about stormwater? Email to get in touch with our Ridgefield stormwater team!

You Play an Important Role

Residents and businesses play an important role in protecting our streams and rivers. See our Stormwater Education page for information on how everyday activities affect our surrounding waterways and the steps you can take to minimize harmful impacts.

Expand each segments to learn more about the City of Ridgefield’s programs for managing storm water run-off:

Rain gardens are areas that collect rainwater and use soil and specific plants to filter the water and let it reabsorb into the soil.Rain Garden Diagram
The City maintains 40 rain gardens.