Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to the City of Ridgefield’s newly designed website!

The City’s website was redesigned to create a fresh, uncluttered look; make it more user-friendly and interactive; and include rich content focused on what is happening in the City.  The new website is located at a new easy to remember address: www.ridgefieldwa.us.  Be sure to update any bookmarks you have made to the old website.

The first difference you will notice is that the new site is organized for the user. It includes separate sections for visitors, residents and businesses. All of these sections contain opportunities to do business with the City and a wealth of information about Ridgefield, things to do or see, and how to get involved. If you are not sure where to look, there is a one-stop “Services Center” with a link for any City service you may be seeking.  And, for users who like to look up information under “government” or “departments,” those options are available too.

For the first time, the website offers interactive features:

  1. AccessRidgefield Mobile App: You may submit a request or report a problem directly to the City employee who will take care of the issue through “Access Ridgefield.” There is also a MobileApp with the same name that you can download on your phone to report a problem, make a request or find out what is happening in your City.
  2. Civic Voice: You may learn about and comment on City projects through “Civic Voice.” You can even use Civic Voice to post an idea that you have for the City and hear what your neighbors think of the idea.
  3. Facebook: The site has a live feed to the City’s Facebook account so you can review social media posts while on the website.

Check out the new website, download the Mobile App – AccessRidgefield – and let us know what you think by posting a comment on Civic Voice or on Facebook!