Comprehensive Plan

Download the Current Comprehensive Plan (PDF).

Ridgefield's population is anticipated to grow from approximately 7,000 people in 2016 to over 26,000 people in 2035. The vision outlined in Ridgefield's Urban Area Comprehensive Plan for 2016-2035 (RUACP) will guide how the City and the surrounding area will grow and develop during the next 20 years. This vision is best described by five principles:

  • A regional employment center for Clark County and Southwest Washington rather than a bedroom community, with opportunities for family-wage jobs
  • Quality neighborhoods, including maintaining existing neighborhoods, and creating new neighborhoods that incorporate pedestrian elements, access to schools and parks, and high-quality design
  • Distinct commercial and mixed-use nodes to create a complete community, including revitalizing downtown and developing complementary nodes along Pioneer Street
  • Protection of critical environment resource areas to ensure the city's natural amenities remain central to the community identity, aesthetics, and environmental well-being
  • Careful management of growth to ensure orderly, cost-effective provision of public facilities and utilities as the city continues to grow

The Ridgefield Urban Area Comprehensive Plan (RUACP) incorporates plans for distinct subareas through the city, each with a complementary vision and development focus.

The direction set by Ridgefield's Comprehensive Plan is implemented in Title 18 of the Ridgefield Municipal Code.