Google map image with N 8th from Simons to the end and Simons St between 8th and 9th highlighted with the text 'N 8th Ave & Simons St Improvements.'

8th and Simons Street Improvement Project

On Monday, October 3rd, construction will begin at N 8th and Simons to install new stormwater facilities, upgraded water lines, and sidewalks. Construction is scheduled to last approximately 45 days. At this time the City does not anticipate any road closures and the contractor will have traffic control onsite for the duration of the project.

The contractors will be working on Simons Street between 8th and 9th Avenues and then from Simons north to the end of 8th Avenue. The project includes design and construction of an undersized water line to current standards, stormwater improvements to mitigate ponding on residential units, and 120 feet of sidewalks with ADA ramps and re-paving of the street. City funds will be used for water system upgrades, and Community Development Block Grant funds will be used for the stormwater improvements, sidewalks, ADA ramps, and paving.

Impact to Residents:

  • Work along Right of Way on Simons and 8th Avenue throughout project.
  • Water service will be shut down briefly when the contractor connects the new waterline to each meter. Each homeowner will be given 48 hours notice prior to the water service work and water will only be off for a couple of hours. Service will be restored before 5:00pm.


N 8th Avenue and N Simons Street are located in the oldest part of downtown Ridgefield. The infrastructure in this area is substandard or nonexistent. Water lines in the area are undersized and well beyond their design life. Stormwater infrastructure on Simons Street is substandard, and the area has had frequent flooding during the last several winters. Additionally, there are no sidewalks on Simons Street forcing pedestrian traffic onto the narrow paved roadway.

The project was included in the City’s 2017 Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan as a planned project. The problems identified in the Plan include an undersized 6-inch diameter storm main, substandard catch basins lacking adequate sumps, and catch basins located on flat grades in vegetated areas leading to frequent clogging and flooding. Additionally, the stormwater receives no treatment and may be contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other pollutants typical of roadways.

The roadway within the project area is currently in poor condition, and the reconstruction of the road will improve drainage and direct water to the proposed catch basins.

The water mains on N. 8th Avenue and N. Simons Street are currently 3-inch diameter or smaller. The mains are both undersized and well beyond their design life. Undersized water
mains provide significantly less water flow resulting in low pressure for residences and insufficient flow at fire hydrants, raising safety concerns for emergency response. The water main on N 8th Avenue has had several main breaks in recent years, leading to interrupted service, wasted water, and expensive emergency repairs. Additionally, due to insufficient valves in the area, large areas are required to be shut off in the event of a main break or other necessary maintenance.

This project will improve the infrastructure along these streets and includes complete re-paving after utilities and sidewalks are complete.

Questions about this project can be directed to the Public Works Department, at 360-887-8251.

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