How do I register my account online?

Visit our online account management page. Follow the steps under “First time user? Register now” Need help? Call Customer Service at 360-887-3557.

If you have recently moved to a new address and previously set up an online account, you will need to add your new account to the login. Log in to Online Account Management and navigate to “My Profile.” Under Your Accounts click “Add more accounts” to this membership and input your account information from your statement. You can then make your new account the default and remove the old account.

This is an online program, where you can review your utility account, history, and consumption, and make electronic check and credit card payments online from the convenience and security of your home computer.

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1. What utilities services does the City of Ridgefield provide?
2. Who do I contact regarding utility services?
3. How do I set up a new account or close my current account?
4. How do I register my account online?
5. Where do I find my account number?
6. Can I set up automatic payment?
7. How often will I receive a bill?
8. When is the meter read?
9. What if I cannot pay my bill?
10. What happens if my utilities get disconnected?
11. What if I have a leak?
12. For a new construction home, how do I get a water meter?
13. Will I need a deposit?
14. What rates does the City of Ridgefield charge for water and/or storm water utilities?
15. Whom do I make the check out to when paying my water bill?
16. What are the payment deadlines and penalties for late payment of my water bill?
17. What happens if I have an excess credit after my final bill?