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Vision Statement

Creating a healthy future where the people, nature and business flourish together by promoting and partnering with a diverse supplier community, procuring goods and services in an ethical, transparent manner and maintaining excellent stewardship and accountability of public funds.

Mission Statement

To promote stewardship of public funds in providing the community with superior services. Every procurement shall be made with the upmost integrity in a clear and transparent manner, working to follow best practices and fostering fair and open competition whenever practical. Procurement strives to build a diverse vendor community through education and partnerships with vendors, encouraging participation from local and diverse businesses.

Values Statement

The City of Ridgefield Procurement Department is a supporter of The Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP) Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement to shape, empower, and elevate the public procurement profession through global values, principles and standards of practice. The Values include: Accountability, Ethics, Impartiality, Professionalism, Service and Transparency.

You can review the Finance Department Ethical Principles here.

Business Opportunities

Procurement Services is responsible for all purchases made on behalf of the City of Ridgefield. In accordance with the City of Ridgefield’s Municipal Code, contracts and purchase orders are awarded as described in the solicitation document. The City reserves the right to cancel the invitation or reject any and all bids submitted or to waive any minor formalities if it is in the best interest of the City to do so. The City of Ridgefield’s General Terms and Conditions that apply to every Purchase Order issued can be viewed here.  

All procurement solicitations are posted on OpenGov Procurement, the City’s solicitation hosting website. Vendors may receive automated notices about solicitations by registering with each of the platforms. This will also allow vendors to identify the categories of goods and services they want to sell to the City.

  • Bids and proposals are now accepted electronically through OpenGov Procurement. No fees are required to respond to active solicitations.
  • Notices of non-competitive sole source and emergency purchases approved by the City are available by contacting the City at Bids@ridgefieldwa.us or 360-887-3557.

Payment Terms

Submit invoicing to:

Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 608
Ridgefield, WA  98642

Invoices must show:

  1. Complete description of goods or service provided
  2. Quantity
  3. Unit prices and extensions
  4. Discount terms invoice number
  5. Invoice number

The City has a net 30 payment policy.  City will pay submitted invoices within thirty (30) days after the City’s receipt and acceptance of the goods or completion and acceptance of the services, provided that Contractor has listed all appropriate information on the invoice and complied with all contractual requirements. The payment status of an individual invoice can be verified by contacting the City at (360) 887-3557.

ACH Payment Option

Vendors doing business with the City have the option of using electronic fund transfer. Payments can be electronically deposited directly into a designated bank account via ACH (Automated Clearing House). A remittance detail will be provided via email advising the amount, date of payment, vouchers, and invoice number. To enroll, complete the ACH Vendor/Payee Enrollment Application

W-9 Form

The Internal Revenue Service requires that the City maintain a current W-9 form on file for all City vendors. The form must be filled out completely and emailed to Finance@ridgefieldwa.us or mailed to the City of Ridgefield address above. Faxed copies are not acceptable. Failure to comply may result in backup withholding or payment of invoices to be held until the W-9 is returned to us. Your help is appreciated in expediting the return of this information to update and maintain our records.

Purchases by the City

The City purchases a wide variety of goods and services ranging from office supplies to police equipment to public works services and welcomes all vendors to participate in its procurement processes and compete for business opportunities. The City buys all the items you would expect, such as computer hardware and software, construction services, consulting and professional services, furniture, industrial supplies, office supplies, personal protective equipment, uniforms, etc.

  • Some of the more unusual services/items we also buy:
    • Entertainment vendors
    • Car washing services
    • Debris removal services
    • Public art
    • Catering services

So, it’s likely we buy what you sell! 

Watch here for upcoming contracting opportunities!

Purchasing Thresholds

The City follows Title 35 RCW and Ridgefield Municipal Codes to structure it’s bidding requirements. Depending on the estimated value and complexity of the procurement, the City may use one of the following procurement methods:

  • Direct Purchase: only one quote required, used for commodities less than or equal to $7,500. Repetitive orders other procurement methods will be used (see below).
  • Request for Quotes (RFQ):
    • Goods purchases that are greater than $7,500 and less than or equal to $15,000, require three written or verbal quotes
    • Public works purchases that are greater than $7,500 and less than $100,000, require three written quotes, awarded to lowest responsive and responsible bidder on the Small Works Roster. The City of Ridgefield is utilizing the Municipal Research and Services (MRSC) Small Works Roster, mrscrosters.org. Any questions on the MRSC Rosters can be directed to the MRSC Rosters Manager, at (206) 625-1300 or via email at mrscrosters@mrscrosters.org.
  • Invitation to Bid (ITB): Competitive low-bid award issued on OpenGov Procurement
    • Goods purchases that are greater than $15,000
    • Public Works purchases that are greater than $75,500 (for one trade) or $100,000 (for two or more trades)
  • Request for Proposals (RFP): Competitive best value award, $100,000 and greater, issued on OpenGov Procurement
  • Request for Qualifications (RFQu): Competitive best value award based on qualifications only. Typically used for Architecture and Engineering Services greater than $100,000 issued on OpenGov Procurement.
  • Joint/Cooperative Procurement: The City participates in or purchases from an appropriate competitively bid contract issued by another jurisdiction.
  • Sole Source: Direct award if there is only one practicable source available.
  • Emergency Purchase: Allowed by RCW 39.26.130 goods or services obtained with maximum feasible competition in situations that present a real, immediate, and extreme threat to the proper performance of essential functions; or may reasonably be expected to result in material loss or damage to property, bodily injury, or loss of life, if immediate action is not taken.

Surplus Sales 

Sales of City surplus, supplies, software, equipment and vehicles are conducted by Internet auction through the Public Surplus website.

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