Zoning Regulations

To implement the planning priorities and provide adequate land for projected residential and employment growth, land is classified according to the following land use designations and overlays. The plan designations will be implemented by the corresponding zones listed in the table below and on the zoning map.

The designations, locations, and boundaries of the districts are shown on the Ridgefield Zoning Map.  For more information, see the Ridgefield Municipal Code Chapter 18.200

Urban Low-Density Residential: Provide predominately single family, detached residential opportunities at densities between 4 and 8 units per net acre.

Urban Medium-Density Residential: Provide for a mix of residential opportunities at higher densities, including a variety of housing types.

City Center:  Protect and enhance the small-scale, compact and mixed character of the City’s older central core.

General Commercial: Provide for business and commercial activities to meet local and regional demand.

Neighborhood Commercial:  Create opportunities for low-intensity business and service uses to serve proximate residential neighborhoods.

Mixed Use: Facilitate a mix of residential and commercial uses to create compact development patterns.

Employment: Provide for industrial and office uses serving regional market areas that create significant regional employment opportunities.

Public Facilities:  Provide for essential public uses such as education, medical and infrastructure facilities necessary to serve City or regional residents.

Park/Open Space: Preserve open land for recreational use and environmental protection.

Lake River View Protection: Preserve and capitalize upon the views from the downtown heights over the waterfront area and onto the wildlife refuge.

Urban Holding: Limit development until the area can be adequately served by public infrastructure.

Employment Mixed Use Overlay: Provide for a mix of compatible light industrial, service, office, retail and residential uses.

Pioneer Mixed Use Overlay: Provide for an interconnected mix of residential, commercial and office uses to implement the 45th and Pioneer subarea plan.

Comprehensive Plan Designations and Implementing Zones


Plan Designation

Zoning District

Residential/Urban Low (UL)Residential Low Density
RLD-4, RLD-6, RLD-8
Residential/Urban Medium (UM)Residential Medium Density
City CenterCentral Mixed Use (CMU)
Neighborhood CommercialNeighborhood Business (CNB)
General Commercial (GC)Community Business (CCB)
Regional Business (CRB)
Junction Mixed Use (JMU)
Mixed Use (MU)Waterfront Mixed Use (WMU)
Waterfront Low Scale (WLS)
EmploymentOffice (OFF)
Industrial (IND)
Industrial Mixed (IM)
Employment (EMP)
Public FacilitiesPublic Facilities (PF)
Park/Open SpacePublic Park/Open Space (P/OS)
Special Overlay DistrictsLake River View Protection (LRVP)
Urban Holding (UH-10)
Employment Mixed Use Overlay (EMUO)
Pioneer Mixed Use Overlay (PMUO)