Image of purple grape bunches on the vine.

Call to Artists: Ridgefield Roundabout Red Wine Label

The Ridgefield community is home to more than ten vineyards and wineries. The wineries combine the best traditions of winemaking and the nearly perfect growing climate of southwest Washington to produce wines with distinct flavor and character.

In 2015, the City launched an exciting campaign in support of the growing wine scene. Marechal Foch grapes were planted in the roundabouts leading into Ridgefield. In 2018, the grapes were used to produce the first bottles of Ridgefield Roundabout Red wine. Windy Hills Winery will be bottling the second grape harvest in 2022/23.

It is the intent that each batch of wine will have a wine label with unique artwork created by a local artist. The artwork on the 2018 bottles was created by a local artist specifically for the wine label. The City is now seeking unique artwork for the 2022 wine label.


The City is seeking unique artwork for the label on the 2022/23 batch of Ridgefield Roundabout Red wine. This Call is open to an artist who is a member of the Ridgefield Art Association and/or resides in the 98642 zip-code area.

Click here to read the full Call to Artists.

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