City of Ridgefield Launches Community Mystery Game

The City of Ridgefield is pleased to announce a new mystery game event, Ridgefield Summer Whodunnits: The Mystery of the Missing Mascot, beginning on Saturday, May 4th, and continuing to May 28th. Rally the Raptor is gone and we’ve got to follow the clues to bring him back!

Ridgefield Summer Whodunnits is a fun, interactive way to discover Ridgefield, get to know your neighbors, and spend time with your family. You will collect points by solving clues, gathering evidence, and completing fun community based activities. Answers will be recorded in game packets to be turned in to City Hall by 5pm on May 28th. All players receive a finisher’s prize, and raffle tickets for a prize drawing. The player with the most points, wins a grand prize.

Pick up your game packets on Saturday May 4th at Overlook Park during the MayDay Spring Festival. If you can’t make it Saturday, print the packet online here or pick one up at City Hall. Six clues will be revealed from May

6th to May 24th weekly. Unlock each clue and it will lead you on an adventure to a location in the City of Ridgefield to find an evidence banner. Once you arrive at the mystery location, look for a banner with the mystery game logo and a word scramble. Unscramble the letters to solve the mystery. Clues will be posted on Monday and Thursday on as well as the City of Ridgefield Facebook, Instagram, and NextDoor. Printed clues will be available at City Hall.

You can join in the game at any time, game cards, clues and banners will remain available through May 28th!