City Partners


The City of Ridgefield has many local non-profit and community groups that promote economic development and local business, sponsor community events, provide benefits and services to the community, volunteer to maintain or improve public facilities and work to fulfill special community needs. These community groups benefit the City by helping to fulfill the City Council goals and to fill special community needs in Ridgefield that may not otherwise be met. It is in the public interest to assist these community groups with those functions that provide services and benefits to the citizens of the City of Ridgefield and support the goals of the City Council.

The following organizations have been recognized as City Partners:

  • Ridgefield School District
  • Ridgefield Main Street
  • Ridgefield Garden Club
  • Ridgefield Business Association
  • Ridgefield Art Association
  • Ridgefield Community Library
  • Friends of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge