City, Port of Ridgefield Successful in Bringing Grocery Store to Ridgefield

The City and Port of Ridgefield together announced today that a new retail development center including a 53,000 square foot, full-service, regional grocery store with a fueling station, will move forward on a portion of the port’s Discovery Ridge property at the southeast corner of the roundabout at 45th and Pioneer streets.
The grocer, Rosauers Supermarkets, (pronounced “Rose Ours”) is headquartered in Spokane, Wash. There are 21 Rosauers stores throughout the Northwest and the Ridgefield location will be the company’s first store in western Washington. In addition to national and store brand groceries, Ridgefield residents will find a pharmacy with a drive-thru option, scratch bakery, full service meat counter, and a fresh deli/bistro with natural and organic salads, meats and cheeses, as well as prepared home-meal offerings and brick oven pizza. The store will also carry a full selection of traditional and organic produce, and have a separate department called “Huckleberry’s” focused solely on natural and organic refrigerated, frozen and packaged goods. Beyond the products they offer, Rosauers also has a strong commitment to communities where they locate, encouraging employees to become personally involved in store efforts to give back and improve the quality of life.
Based on feedback from the 2015 community survey and many conversations with residents and employers, the City Council ranked getting a supermarket for Ridgefield as a top priority. To help, the City of Ridgefield engaged a national retail recruiting firm – Buxton – in order to identify the best fit for Ridgefield. Through that work to find a unique, high-quality store and company for Ridgefield, Rosauers became a clear choice. For over a year the City has worked with Rosauers, the Port of Ridgefield, and local commercial developer Dean Maldonado to help make this happen for Ridgefield’s residents. The partners are committed to quality, with a commitment to creating a gathering space the community can be proud of, using the City’s commercial design standards as the starting point for building a beautiful, functional store that sets high expectations for everything going in around it.
But the grocery store is expected to not only bring needed services, but also attract other businesses and employee talent.
“Employers have told us they lose productivity because their employees have to leave the area for important services, taking more time away from their jobs than if services were close by,” said Ron Onslow, Ridgefield’s mayor. Mayor Onslow also cited employee surveys conducted by area businesses reveal that employee satisfaction is lower if they need to travel a long distance for things they need, including groceries, dry cleaning and pharmacy supplies.
Ridgefield Rosauers will begin construction in Spring 2018 – including the grocery store, fueling station, and roadway improvements on 45th and Pioneer – and expects to open in Spring 2019.

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