Coronavirus – Latest Updates from the City of Ridgefield

This webpage is updated often as more information is available.

We appreciate our community’s efforts to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Ridgefield. We have created this page to ensure that you have access to accurate and up-to-date information on the City’s COVID-19 response and to provide links to other important resources.

Per statewide Public Health Order, Cloth face coverings are required for everyone 5 and older in all indoor public spaces and outdoor spaces where 6 feet of distancing is not possible. More on the Washington Department of Health website.

Do you have questions about COVID-19 or local vaccination efforts?
Call 1-888-225-4625.

Do you have questions about the City of Ridgefield’s COVID-19 response?
Email us at

Clark County (Southwest Region) is currently in Phase 3.

Clark County Public Health

The City of Ridgefield does not have a health department. Clark County Public Health manages public health for the county.

Clark County Fairgrounds Mass Vaccination Site

The Mass Vaccination Site located at the Clark County Fairgrounds is operated by the Washington State Department of Health. The City of Ridgefield does not have any logistics information regarding scheduling, volunteering etc. 

Please visit the Washington Department of Health for information.

Report a Re-Opening Violation

To report a re-opening violation to the Ridgefield Police Department, fill out the form here.

Ridgefield School District

Who should I follow for updates about COVID-19?


City Facilities

City Hall, City offices at the RACC and the Police Department lobby are closed to the public, with limited access by appointment only. Online services will remain available and phones will be answered during normal business hours. Employees are being encouraged to work remotely when possible, provided it does not interfere with vital operations.

City Services

City services are modified as follows: 

  • Park Reservations: We are now accepting Park Reservations for Abrams and Overlook Park through Facilitron. You can reserve Bennett Hall, Abrams sports and grassy fields, and Overlook Park for available dates after June 1, 2021. Standard reservation guidelines and additional COVID-19 guidelines must be strictly followed. For additional details, please visit our Event Planning & Permits page.

  • Public parks and trails remain open, providing public space to remain active while practicing social distancing. Play structures, sports courts, and park restrooms are open.

  • To alleviate worry and maintain a standard of health in our community, the City will not assess late fees nor disconnect water service until further notice. You will continue to receive bills and past due reminders during this time. If you are having trouble paying your bill, please call us at (360) 887-3557 to make payment arrangements.
    • Utility payments can be made online, by phone (360)887-3557, by mail or by drop box in front of City Hall.
  • Ridgefield Police has resumed issuing Concealed Weapons permits by appointment only. Please call 360-887-3556.

Sports Fields & Practices 

State Guidelines for Sporting Activities are being monitored and enforced. Security Officers patrol the fields to ensure that rules are being followed to keep everybody safe and continue moving forward with the fields open and available. The focus is on education (step 1), but if there are persistent violations, security will ask offenders to leave for the day (step 2). If the violations continue after that, violators will not be allowed to return until adherence to safety precautions can be assured (step 3).

With these guidelines in place, we are looking forward to seeing our children recreate in a safe manner. Please refer to current Healthy Washington Guidelines for Sporting Activities for specific guidelines.   

To report a Safe Start violation to the Ridgefield Police Department, fill out the form here.

City Public Meetings

To assure the health and safety of the general public during this COVID pandemic, and compliance with Governor Inslee’s Proclamation, the City of Ridgefield will conduct public meetings virtually. Public meetings include City Council meetings, Planning Commission and Parks Board. City Council meetings will also have limited in-person capacity. For more information about in-person City Council meetings and State COVID requirements refer to the City Council webpage.

The meeting will be conducted via Zoom. Any member of the public wishing to attend the meeting remotely is invited to attend the meeting via Zoom or telephone call in. Instructions to attend the meeting will be provided the day prior to the meeting on the City Council or Boards and Commissions web pages. City Council meetings may be attended in person at extremely limited capacity.

Members of the public may provide testimony during a Public Hearing listed on the agenda in two ways:

Live comments. If possible, notify the Clerk that you would like to make comments during the public hearing no later than 3PM the day of the meeting. Provide your full name and phone number. When your name is called by the Mayor during the meeting, the  Clerk will unmute your microphone so you are able to make your comments. If you are attending City Council in person, please state your comment at the podium.

For City Council meetings, provide notification to
For Planning Commission meetings, provide notification to
For Parks Board meetings, provide notification to

If notification is not provided in advance, use the “raise your hand” feature on Zoom during the public hearing if you wish to make a comment. When your name is called by the Mayor, the  Clerk will unmute your microphone so you are able to make your comments.

All comments will be limited to 3 minutes.

Written comments may be submitted to the  Clerk via email or be placed in the drop box in front of City Hall no later than 3PM on the day of the scheduled public meeting.

Members of the public wishing to address items not on the agenda must email the comments to the Clerk no later than 3PM on the day of the scheduled public meeting. City Council Public Comment may also be given in person during a Public Comment section of the meeting.

As usual, an audio recording of all public meetings will be made available on the City website the day after the meeting at 

City Council:
Planning Commission:
Parks Board:

UPDATE (6/12/2020)

The City is accepting all submittals, drop-offs, and pick-ups. 

Site work, building construction, and inspections may proceed for all construction projects. 

The remaining restrictions can be found in the Phase 2 Community Development Operations.



For single-family residential building permits, submittals and pick-ups are limited to five per builder per week. Email an electronic version of the building permit application materials to staff by 1pm on Monday to receive an invoice and schedule a hard-copy submittal during the same week.

There are no limitations on submittals, drop-offs, or pick-ups for other permits. 

Building inspections

Inspections are restricted to new construction and unoccupied structures that have been vacant for more than two weeks. Building inspectors must take proper actions to reduce the spread of disease in the field, including maintaining 6 feet of separation at all times, using disinfectant, and wearing masks and gloves. Workers on site must be following requirements from the Governor’s Phase 2 Construction COVID-19 Job Site Requirements. 

If, at any time, building inspectors arrive to inspect a site and these measures are not in effect, the building inspector will immediately stop the inspection and shut down all jobsite activity until it can be proven that these required measures are in effect.


See Phase 2 Community Development Operations

Members of the public may not enter the Ridgefield Administrative and Civic Center (RACC, 510-B Pioneer St). Staff is available by phone and email during normal working hours. Scheduling appointments to submit, drop off, and pick up materials is at staff members’ discretion. 

For building permits, schedule appointments with Dorothy Harrington,, 360-857-5011.

For land use and engineering permits, schedule appointments with Cristy May,, 360-857-5027.

Submittal procedures

Email staff an electronic version of the application materials (M 8am-12pm for single-family residential building permits, M-F 8am-12pm for other permits). Staff will process the application and send an invoice. Schedule hard copy submittal with staff and submit a hard copy of the application materials (and check, if paying by check) on the table outside of the RACC. Alert staff that the materials have been submitted, and staff will pick up the materials immediately.

Drop-off procedures

Schedule drop-off with staff (Single-family residential M-F 8am-1pm; other M-F 8am-3pm). Drop off materials on the table outside of the RACC. Alert staff that the materials have been dropped off, and staff will pick up the materials immediately. 

Pick-up procedures

Schedule pick-up with staff (Single-family residential M-F 8am-1pm; other M-F 8am-3pm). Alert staff when you are in the RACC parking lot. Staff will place the materials to be picked up on the table outside of the RACC. If paying by check, replace the materials with a check which staff will pick up immediately.

Unemployment Questions?

Please visit Washington State Employment Security Division

Business Guidelines

For the most up to date Business Guidelines and Restrictions, please visit the governor’s website.

If you have questions about requirements and guidelines for your business during this time, please contact City Manager Steve Stuart at or (360) 887-3557.

Business Loans and Assistance




COVID-19 Signage

Rental Assistance

Emergency Rental Assistance – Clark County Council for the Homeless

Utilities – City of Ridgefield Water and Stormwater Service

  • Online Utility services are available 24 hours a day.
  • There will be no late fees assessed for water bills until further notice, and there will be no water shutoff during this time frame. Please call (360) 887-3557 if you are having trouble paying your bill.
  • Start/Stop/Move Utility services may be completed online or by phone at (360) 887-3557.

Parks, Trails, and Sports Fields

  • Public parks, trails, play structures, and restrooms are open. Please follow social distancing protocols and do not recreate if you are feeling ill.
  • Park reservations are closed until further notice.

Avoid Coronavirus Scams

If you receive letters, calls, emails, or other communications from individuals claiming to be from the IRS and offering coronavirus stimulus payments in exchange for personal financial information, an advance fee, or charge of any kind, including the purchase of gift cards, please do not respond. These are scams.

Electric, natural gas, water and telecommunication companies can’t disconnect your service for unpaid bills through July 28. Anyone who says otherwise is a scammer! Hang up and call your utility. If you’re worried about paying your bill or having your utility service disconnected, learn how the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission can help. Call them at 1-888-333-WUTC (9882) or visit

There have been reports of scammers claiming they can provide priority access to the COVID-19 vaccine for a fee. This is NOT TRUE. 

Food Resources

Ridgefield Family Resource Center

Location: We are located in Portables C and D between the Ridgefield Administrative & Civic Center (RACC) and Union Ridge Elementary School.  Take Pioneer Street into downtown Ridgefield and park in the RACC parking lot at 510 Pioneer Street.  We are in the portable to the right of the RACC building, outside of the fencing.

Hours: The Ridgefield Family Resource Center is open to serve Ridgefield School District’s students, families, and staff on the following days and times:

Monday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Thursday 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm

For resource needs and to make an appointment outside of these house, please contact Chris Poppert at 360-619-1412 or via email at

To learn more about the services we provide and the resources available to you and your family, visit the Ridgefield Family Resource Center website at 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

21814 NW 11th Avenue, Ridgefield, WA 98642
Handing out food boxes on Tuesdays, 10-12:30.

Compassion 360

Local non-profit providing food boxes and additional support. Order online: click on “Let us know How Can We Help”

Clark County Food Bank

Food pantry sites:
Prepared meal sites:

Goods and Services:


  • To alleviate worry and maintain a standard of health in our community, the City of Ridgefield will not assess late fees nor disconnect water service until further notice. You will continue to receive bills and past due reminders during this time. If you are having trouble paying your bill, please call us at (360) 887-3557 to make payment arrangements.
  • Financial Resources for Washington Residents Impacted by COVID-19

Recreational Activities

Fitness Activities

Indoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

Support Local

Local businesses contribute a huge part of our local economy and provide jobs, services, and amenities close to home. Now more than ever, Ridgefield businesses need our support to stay in operation.

How can we support our local businesses during COVID-19?

It’s simple – shop local! The best way you can support Ridgefield businesses is to pick up a meal, grab a gift card, or shop.

Dining restrictions are currently in place. Use the map below to determine what services are available at Ridgefield restaurants. 

To use this map: Click on the arrow in the top left to view a list of restaurants and filter by type of dining. Click on the box in the top right to expand the map. Restaurants: If you need to revise information here, please email

The City of Ridgefield

The City is implementing programs and policy to help keep local business alive through the challenges of COVID-19. The City of Ridgefield is also coordinating with other municipalities and around Clark County to stay informed about the virus and provide up to date information, impacts, and opportunities in Ridgefield. A list of open businesses can be found on our Coronavirus Updates page.

Adjustments to Utilities: The City of Ridgefield has suspended late fees and water shut-off due to non-payment for all utility accounts during this time. 

On-Going Education: The City is working closely with businesses to help them understand statewide requirements and what they CAN do.

Do you have questions about your business? Give us a call – 

Building and Construction – 360-887-3908
Business Restrictions and Requirements – 360-887-3557
General Questions – 360-887-3557

The City of Ridgefield will support businesses efforts to re-open in compliance with State requirements. If you have questions about re-opening, please call 360-887-3557.

Organizations in the City

First Saturday Events: The City is partnering with local non-profit organizations and businesses to safely bring back in-person First Saturday events.  Find more information for each event on the First Saturdays webpage. Interested in being involved? Email 

Chamber of Commerce: The Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce is continuing to offer all regularly scheduled networking and membership meetings to keep business owners and operators connected during this time. In addition, you can find a list of business resources on their website.

Ridgefield Main Street: Ridgefield Main Street is keeping the public informed on how they can support local businesses by keeping social media updated with which businesses are open and what services they are offering. They are also promoting shopping downtown by distributing Main Street Moolah through social media contests. 

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