Image of the railroad crossing at Division St.

Division St Railroad Crossing

If a train is blocking the crossing for 10 minutes or more, call BNSF at 1-800-832-5452, option 3 to report a blocked crossing at crossing number 092428L.

What is going on with the Division St Railroad Crossing?

Fences were installed in the Fall of 2021 in anticipation of the finalization of an agreement with Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) to close the crossing for emergency vehicle access only. This closure would benefit residents by ending the sounding of train horns while passing through Ridgefield. Due to the private crossing agreement not advancing, the Division Street Rail Crossing was restored to a safe open status at the beginning of March, but the City remains committed to finalizing the crossing closure as the final part of a process to make the railroad through Ridgefield safer.

BNSF is currently reviewing the City’s request for an amendment to the private crossing agreement that will ensure that the crossing will remain available for emergency access should the overpass be blocked or unusable. Fire and emergency services require multiple access points. This is an essential safety feature for those living at McCuddy’s Marina, utilizing the Port of Ridgefield boat or kayak launches, or recreating at the Port as well as for possible future development of the waterfront area.

We have heard concerns about trains blocking the crossing for extended periods of time. Washington State law, WAC 480-60-220, determines that a public crossing is considered blocked if a train has remained in the crossing for 10 minutes or more. If this occurs, please call BNSF at 1-800-832-5452 and select option 3 to report the blockage. The Division Street DOT crossing number is 092428L. After you call, report the issue online: Reporting online allows the federal government to track the issue.

The plan has been and remains to close the Division Street Rail Crossing to the public now that the Pioneer St Overpass is completed, finalizing the vision from many years ago. This keeps vehicles and pedestrians off of train tracks and allows the trains to pass through Ridgefield without blowing their whistle. To help maintain easy access for Downtown residents, the City has applied for a federal grant for a trail loop that includes pre-design funds for a multi-modal grade separated crossing at Division. This separated crossing would allow for pedestrian and non-motorized access from Division to the waterfront area using an elevated bridge.

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