Annual Spring Clean- Up

04/15/2023 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Spring is the time to start gathering unwanted items that are not typically collected with weekly residential service.

The Annual Spring Clean Up returns this April! Spring Clean and Beautify Your Home and bring your waste to Spring Clean Up on South 11th Street for quick free disposal of the items listed below.

Please note: Due to funding sources, free disposal is limited to residents of the City of Ridgefield. We will be mailing admission flyers to those eligible. Not all Ridgefield addresses are within the city limits.

We are thankful for our partnership with Clark County and Green Neighbors who make this event possible.

Item List

All vehicles will be asked for their flyer at the entrance. The flyer you receive is your ticket for disposal!

Accepted: Yard and bulky items only. Items too large for regular garbage collection cans.
Not Accepted: Curbside household and food waste; commercial garbage; construction debris (roofing, drywall, tile, etc.)

Accepted: Tree branches and trimmings. Please cut into sections 4 ft. long and 4 inches in diameter or less. Clean wood, lumber, planks and boards.
Not Accepted: Stumps, grass clippings, leaves. No nails or other attachments; no painted, sealed or treated wood.

Accepted: Clean cardboard.
Not Accepted: Dirty, food or oil stained cardboard.

Accepted: Computers, monitors, laptops, printers, fax machines, TVs, VCRs, cell phones, most items with a cord or battery.

Accepted: Paint, Adhesives/Resins, Batteries, Old Fuels, Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Propane Cylinders, Household chemicals, Light Bulbs/Fluorescent Tubes/CFLs.
Not Accepted: Containers over 5 gallon size. Business waste. Ammunition, Explosives, Marine flares, Biohazard/Sharps, Asbestos, Smoke Detectors.

Accepted: Residential freezers, refrigerators and A/C units only’ limit three Freon containing units per participant.
Not Accepted: Commercial equipment or RV and automotive air conditioning units.

Accepted: Large appliances (such as stoves, hot water heaters, washers/dryers), barbecues, metal sinks and similar metal items. Items must be mostly metal. All fluids must be drained.
Not Accepted: Propane tanks, car bodies, trailers or metals with grease. Dishwashers should be disposed as garbage.

Accepted: Regular size passenger car, SUV, pickup truck and motorcycle tires; limit five tires per participant/per day. Rims off tires are accepted as scrap metal.
Not Accepted: Tractor-trailer size or larger, tires from service station owners, repair garages or any type of tire dealer or re-treader.

Unfortunately Block Foam will not be accepted at this year’s event.
Please carefully cover and secure your load to prevent littering.

FOOD DONATIONS will be accepted for Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Diagram of the map for loading vehicles for Spring Clean Up. The diagram shows that items should be loaded in reverse order of the way they appear above, since first in, first out.

Find drop-off locations open year-round at