First Saturday: Move, Play, Eat (Virtual)

02/05/2022 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Due to rising COVID-19 Activity in Clark County, we have cancelled our in-person event Spudder Olympics and are providing virtual content to get you to Move, Play, and Eat!

MOVE: Minute to Win It – Exercise Edition

If you love a good Minute to Win It competition, fitness challenges and watching people squirm, then this exercise edition of the games is for you!


  • Timer (your phone works!)
  • Willing Participants
  • Space to Spread Out
  • Yoga Mat (optional)

A note about scoring: You do not have to keep score, but awarding points and having an ultimate winner may help raise the stakes and the fun. You can make up your own scoring, or follow this method:

  • 1 point to all who participated
  • 3 points to those who successfully complete a task
  • Add up points for tasks that fall into the “how many can you do in one minute” category. For example, 20 push ups in a minute = 20 points.

How to Play:
Minute to Win It is simple: complete the task in one minute! Below are 16 tasks you can use for this activity.

  1. Plank
  2. Side Plank Left
  3. Side Plank Right
  4. Balance on Left Leg
  5. Balance on Right Leg
  6. Balance on Left Leg with Eyes Closed
  7. Balance on Right Leg with Eyes Closed
  8. Tandem Stance (one foot directly in front of the other)
  9. Tandem Stance with Eyes Closed
  10. Wall Sit
  11. Most Push-Ups in 1 Minute
  12. Most Sit-Ups in 1 Minute
  13. Superman Pose
  14. 6-Inch Killers (lie on back and left feet approximately 6 inches off the ground)
  15. Single Leg Bridge on Left Leg
  16. Single Leg Bridge on Right Leg

PLAY: Reverse Charades



Divide into teams of three or more. If you have less than 6 people, consider playing a variation to see who can guess the most clues.


Decide on a number of rounds or a point target to win. One word guessed correctly = 1 point.

How to Play:

Each team has one minute to guess as many words as possible. If the acting team doesn’t like a word, they can pass – but only one pass per round.

Each team selects a guesser (everyone gets a turn guessing) and the rest of the team acts out the words. The other team holds the word clues for only the actors to see and starts the timer.

Shhh! Not a peep among the team members acting. You lose a point if you speak or “mouth” any words to each other or the guesser. The use of objects (or even people) in the room is definitely permitted.

EAT: Spud Night Recipes

We can’t think of a better way for Ridgefield-ites  to celebrate the big game than with a good ol’ fashioned Spud Night full of fun, delicious, potato recipes. Check out some potato-based recipes we have gathered below.

Lady Spuds Soccer Team – Favorite Potatoes

The Pioneer Woman’s Twice Baked Potato Casserole

Baked Potato with All the Trimmings

We will not have vendors for this event. Please click here to visit our First Saturday Vendor Information.