Multicultural Festival

09/01/2018 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Overlook Park
Address: 113-131 S Main Ave, Ridgefield, WA 98642, USA


We are excited to announce Ridgefield’s First Multicultural Festival!


Sept. 1st | 9am – 5:30pm
Downtown Ridgefield

Celebrate what makes us great! Come say hello to your community, have tons of fun and learn about different cultures!

We will showcase Ridgefield’s traditional heritage and rich cultural diversity and also introduce visitors to cultures from around the world through live music, dance performances, storytelling, cooking demonstrations, kids activities, traditional Lion Dance parade, display of flags, and a wide range of ethnic vendors. The Festival will include a variety of multi-cultural entertainment from Tahitian, Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mexican and Russian performers.


A big thank you to our sponsors! Check them out here or become one!

Cooking Classes

The Multicultural Festival will present multiple cooking classes from cultures all around the world. These classes give you the opportunity to learn more about a culture and how to create a new, delicious dish! Spaces are limited so sign up for one today!

Family History Discovery Zone

Come and celebrate your family heritage–past, present, and future.  Discover where your family comes from and begin the adventure of family history. Located at the Ridgefield Library. Thank you to Sean McGill and David Neil for help putting this together!





Grupo Condor Instrument Workshop

We are proud to have Gerardo Calderon from Grupo Condor, a touring folk music ensemble that performs traditional music from all the Latin American countries, join us and host an instrument workshop. Their music is popular at festivals, private and corporate events. Their concerts, school programs and workshops are presented around the Northwest, and focus on the blend of Spanish, African, and Native American influences that have created this multi-cultural art form.

Be sure to sign up for their instrument workshop with Gerardo Calderon here!

Ke Kukui Hulas Dancers

Ke Kukui Foundation’s mission it to preserve and share with the community the Hawaiian/Polynesian arts and culture by promoting education in literature, language, music, and dance. They believe in strong community ties; the importance of `ohana (family) is emphasized in their frequent gatherings.

The Scarlet Sails Theater Group

The Scarlet Sails Theater Group is a Russian theater for children and adults. They provide drama classes for kids and adults and also put on performances for the Russian-speaking community! At the festival you will be able to see their Russian dancers along with student singers. Come see them on the stage at 4pm!




Takohachi is proud to present their work in and around the Portland area. Their repertoire includes songs in the modern Kumi Daiko style, popular amongst Taiko troupes in the US, as well as many songs in the traditional Dentou Geinou style of ancient Japan. This strong presence of traditional style Taiko is what makes Takohachi so unique amongst American Taiko troupes. They will be performing on the main stage at Overlook Park.


Portland Lee’s Association

The Portland Lee’s Association will be performing a traditional lion dance to kick off the festivities! The lion dancers will be performing a traditional ceremony called “Choi Cheng” or “Plucking the Greens” where participating downtown businesses will be blessed by the lions.



Master Oh’s Taekwondo

Master Oh has earned his reputation not only as an elite Taekwondo athlete, but also through his diverse work experience within the sport. He is dedicated in bringing the benefits of Taekwondo to students and the local community.  His classes offer the perfect blend of discipline and enthusiasm.  He is committed to helping each student achieve their personal best.



Ora Nui Tahitian Dance Troupe

Ora Nui Tahitian Dance Troupe presents “Ori Tahiti Fundamentals.”

Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), with its rhythmic drum beats and fast hip/foot movements, is one of the most physically challenging cultural dance styles of the Pacific. Dedicated dancers gain strength and endurance right along with grace, poise and agility.

“At our workshop we will not only teach students the fundamental movements of ori tahiti, we will immerse them in the music, art, language, and culture of the Society Islands. Join us on a journey to the South Pacific as we show you how to shake it Polynesian style.”

Sign up for the workshop here!



Maharaja Bhangra Group 

The Mahajara Bhangra Group will be performing from 3:15 to 3:45 at Overlook Park. They bring together the youth of the Camas, Vancouver, and Portland area to come together and learn Bhangra which is Punjabi or North Indian type dance. At the same time, they teach them important values that will help them in their future endeavors.



Showcase a Country’s Flag

Our goal is to celebrate cultures at home and around the world. In order to create a festival atmosphere and to showcase the many places that Ridgefield families have roots, we plan on having flags of all nations along Pioneer Blvd and Main Street in the downtown area, as well as around the roundabouts. How many flags we have depends on how many families participate. Families who participate will have their name displayed at the festival (if they wish)!

If you are interested, please fill out this form. The cost per flag is $25 and the deadline for submission is August 10th.

Make sure to stay till the end of the event to see the Chinook Tribe perform our closing ceremony!

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We would love to have you join us!

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