The Administration Division is managed by Lee Knottnerus, the Deputy City Manager.

The Division is responsible for providing administrative and informational services to the City Council, City Manager, City Departments and to the public including the following programs:

Access to Public Records

Records management and processing public record requests.

City Partners Program

Coordinates assistance to those community groups which provide services and benefits to the citizens of the City of Ridgefield and support the goals of the City Council.

Clerk to the City Council, Boards & Commissions

Presenting the agenda, agenda packets and minutes for the legislative and committee meetings; and assisting with assuring the transparency of the municipality’s conduct of business.

Community Outreach and Events

Coordinating and/or assisting with the planning and hosting of many City sponsored or partially sponsored events.

Human Resources and Labor Relations

The service areas within Human Resources include employment (recruitment, selection, and retention), policy development and administration, training and development, employee benefit programs, safety and wellness, job classification and compensation, labor union and employee relations, compliance with labor and civil rights laws, payroll and employee records management.

Risk Management

Assessing and developing risk management strategies to mitigate potential risks that can adversely impact the City and its employees.

Rental of City Property for Special Events

The City makes its streets and public rights-of-way available to civic, private and community groups for “special events.” To promote success, ensure the safety of event participants and spectators, and minimize public inconvenience caused by the event, a permit is required.

Title VI Civil Rights Compliance

Initiating and monitoring Title VI/non-discrimination activities, preparing reports and other responsibilities as required by 23 Code of Federal Regulation(CFR) 200 and 49 Code of Federal Regulation 21.

Information Technology

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Department Mission

To act as servant leaders for both internal and external customers with a focus on creative problem-solving, open communication, and collaboration while providing excellent customer service with a positive, get-it-done attitude.

Goals for 2014-2106

  • Expand public relations and citizen engagement through use of the website and social media, community events and support of City branding and marketing strategies
  • Expand training, wellness and risk management/safety programs
  • Update the City’s classification and compensation system
  • Upgrade information technology programs for more efficient and effective use of time and resources
  • Streamline City Clerk programs with a focus on public records, records management and archiving


If you are unable to find the information you need or have an additional question for the Administrative Services Department, please contact us at 360-887-3557.