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Event Planning & Permits

The City of Ridgefield has a designated process for planning special events, reserving parks, using special equipment in parks and hanging street banners.

Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of your event. To learn more about the process and if a Special Event Permit is required for your event, click here. While there is no fee for submitting a Special Event Permit Application, there may be fees associated with the permit if City Personnel or Services are required.

Examples of events requiring a Special Event Permit include: block parties, festivals, parades, fun runs, etc.

For questions about Special Event Permits, contact Ireland Coleman at 360-857-5019.

Site Map:

Special Event Permits Require a site map. You may download the map below to assist with this:

2023: New Park Reservation System “Cogran”

Park Reservations

Reserve a park for your event online. Through the online portal you will be able to view availability, rates, submit a reservation request, and pay for your park rental. Abrams and Overlook Parks are the only parks that may be reserved, all other parks are first-come, first-serve. A refundable deposit and park rental fees are due at the time of reservation. View the Park Rental Fee Schedule.

Parks may be reserved for the current calendar year. Bennett Hall at Abrams Park is winterized and unavailable for reservations November 1st to March 1st.

The following parks may be reserved: (full descriptions and images are available on the online portal.)

  • Overlook Park: Stage, Plaza, and Upper Grassy Areas
  • Abrams Park – Entire Park: Bennett Hall, Kitchen, Adjacent Grassy Area, & Parking
  • Abrams Park: Bennett Hall, Kitchen, and Plaza Only
  • Abrams Park Sport Fields:
    • Baseball Field
    • Softball Field
    • T-Ball Field
    • Field – Practice 1
    • Field – Practice 2
    • Field – Practice 3

Please Review the Park Use Rules & Regulations closely prior to submitting a reservation request.

All rentals submitted through Cogran are considered requests until confirmed by the City of Ridgefield. Every effort will be made to approve requests, but the submittal of an online request should not be considered a guarantee of reservation until confirmed.

For questions about Park Rentals, contact Ireland Coleman at, 360-857-5019.

Hang A Street Banner Downtown

Request to Hang a Street Banner for your community event. Above the street banner signs are permitted across specific city roadways to advertise special events. 

  • Locations: There are currently three permitted Across the Street Banner Locations:
    • Across Pioneer Street at 5th Avenue
    • Across North Main Ave at Mill Street
    • Across South Hillhurst Road at South 8th Way
  • Banner Requirements:
    • Size: 26 feet wide by 3 feet tall
    • Grommets: Banners must have metal grommets across the top and bottom of the banner
    • Double sided banners are preferred

Organizations or individuals must request to have the city hang their banner above the street. Please click here to complete the form to request to hang a street banner.

Fees & Charges

When reserving Abrams or Overlook Park fees are required. These fees will be paid through the Cogran Online Reservation system. Check the Park Rental Fee Schedule prior to continuing in your park reservation process to ensure the rates will fit your budget.

Click here for the listing of the Rental Fees.

Damage Deposit: A refundable damage deposit is required and due when submitting your reservation online. The reservation request will NOT be reviewed or confirmed until deposit is received. A portion of the damage deposit may be withheld for repair, replacement, excessive cleaning, if balance of fees owed is still outstanding, and/or new service fees have been accrued, etc.

Full payment of all rental fees are due upon reservation request. This payment will be made through the Cogran Online Reservation system.

Canceling a Reservation: All cancellations must be made through the Cogran Online Reservation System. To receive a full refund of rental fees, cancellation notice must be received a minimum of 10 days prior to the event. 50% of deposit will be forfeited if cancellation notice is received within 10 days of the event.

Event Planning Information

The following sections will assist you in planning a successful event experience.

Rental Hours: All park sites are rented on a per day basis. All park sites are available for rent from 8:00 AM to dusk, therefore rentals must conclude and vacate the premises no later than dusk. This includes time needed for tear-down/ clean-up of event site.
*Upon special request, accommodations for later times can be made upon the application process.

Park amenities: Each park site offers an unique setting for your event. Site capacity, utilities and amenities vary from site to site. You can find more information on site amenities online through Cogran.

Event requirements: The City may have additional requirements for any event open to the public, whether on City or private property, that may have a potential significant impact to a site, vehicular and pedestrian access and/or are for large scale commercial use. These may include items such as additional trash and recycling bins, signage, promotional materials, security, traffic control, portable restrooms, street barricades, first aid, etc.

Certificate of Liability Insurance: A certificate of commercial liability insurance is required for event rentals and special events. The certificate must provide insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000 for bodily injury/property damage and names the City of Ridgefield as additional insured. A copy of the insurance certificate must be on the file prior to the event, or the event will be cancelled, and the permit or reservation revoked.

The easiest method for this is typically to purchase an addendum to an existing insurance plan. If this is not available to you, you may also obtain a quote through the WCIA TULIP program – click here for details.

Venue layout: A site plan is required for all Special Events. The site plan identifies the placement of stages, vendor booths, portable toilets, trash totes, vehicle access routes and parking, utility hook-ups, emergency exits/access points, etc. venue set-up must meet all requirements set forth by the City.

Trash & Recycling: Depending on the size and type of an event, additional trash and recycling receptacles may be required at renters’ expense. If required on City property, the City may make arrangements for the delivery and pick-up of the additional totes or containers.

Street Barricades & Road Signage: Depending on the size, type and location of the event, street barricades and street signage may be required. If required, the City shall make arrangements for the delivery and pick-up of these items.

Traffic control: For large events or events that require use of streets, certified flaggers may be required for event traffic control at intersections and cross walks. The City will determine what type of traffic control will be required. The renter, at their own expense, is responsible to secure certified flaggers if required.

First Aid: Depending on the size and type of event, a first aid station and/or EMT may be required at renters’ expense.

Health department permits: The renter is responsible to secure and post appropriate County Health Department permits as may be required of them (event organizer) or other vendors/ groups involved in the event.

Music & Entertainment: The playing of amplified music or other types of live entertainment may be limited at certain locations and must be in compliance with City Ordinance. The City reserves the right to monitor, cancel or terminate a performance if it is not deemed suitable for public broadcasting. (Lewd behavior and excessive profane lyrics are deemed inappropriate and will not be allowed)

Tents & Canopies: Tents or canopies are allowed at some park locations. Tents used for food vendors are subject to the rules, regulations and inspection by the Department of Health

Signs, Banners & Stickers: Signs may be posted on sandwich board type structures only. Balloons can be used as a marker and may be tied with string to a fixed object; however, they cannot obstruct the view of any road sign. Signs are not allowed to be nailed, stapled or bungee corded to trees, buildings, light poles or road signs, and/or stakes driven into the ground. The painting of any pavement or hard surface is prohibited.

Parking: Vehicle access and general parking at most park sites is limited. All parking lots are public parking lots and cannot be reserved for a private function. All group users are advised and encouraged to car pool to the event and/or shuttle their participants from an authorized pre-arranged location.

Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not allowed in any open park space; unless an authorized beer or wine garden is approved under a Special Event Permit.
If an event is granted permission by the City to have a beer/wine garden, the event organizer must secure and post a license as required by the Washington State Liquor Control Board. Please allow at least 45 days for processing the application through the State.

Sale or Distribution of Food, Beverages, Merchandise and/or Admission: It’s illegal to sell, give-away or distribute food, beverages, goods or merchandise and/or charge admission for an event in any park without a City issued Special Event Permit.

Food Vendors: All food vendors must be self-contained and provide any and all items associated with the preparing, cooking and selling of food items. This includes, but is not limited to cooking units, utensils, food prep area, hot and cold food/beverage storage, and those items necessary to meet health department requirements and local fire codes. Utility hook-ups (electrical and water) are limited and may not  be available in all areas.

You may submit applications for Clark County Public Health Temporary Food Event Permits online.

Food vendors are responsible for the safe removal of coals, grease and/or any debris associated with their food booth. Vendors must provide a trash container for all debris to be appropriately disposed of.

Inflatables and Amusement Rides: If you host an event that features amusement rides, a rock-climbing wall, or inflatable device, make certain your operator has a current operating decal for each. The decal certifies the ride has had an annual inspection and is insured. Visit the Department of Labor and Industries website to learn more about amusement ride permits and common questions about safety.

Fireworks: Prohibited in City Parks. Fireworks may be allowed at the Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex (RORC) with a license from the Washington State Patrol Fire Protection Bureau.

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