Economic Development

Economic development is essential to Ridgefield’s ability to sustain itself. Economic development helps to establish a balance of residential and employment opportunities, the basic elements of a complete community. A strong and diverse economy provides employment and a tax base that supports public services and a livable community. A diverse economic base also provides a variety of retail and service opportunities allowing residents to meet their needs locally. The City also recognizes that the provision of a quality public education enhances economic development. Although most economic activity is in the private sector, the City of Ridgefield’s role is to establish parameters that help private markets flourish, provide support and encourage beneficial economic development projects.

Policies developed for the City’s Comprehensive Plan are intended to increase jobs, reduce the number of residents who commute long distances to work, provide revenues for the City to support facilities and services desired by residents and provide a range of retail and service opportunities for residents. To do so, Ridgefield will:

  • Reserve acreage with capacity to accommodate jobs and be good steward of the land designated for job growth,
  • Work to attract more employers in high-paying sectors to provide family-wage jobs and jobs in fields where Ridgefield residents are already employed in an effort to increase the number of employees who both live and work in Ridgefield,
  • Participate in the creation of a regional employment center at the Pioneer Street and I-5 interchange as part of the Discovery Corridor,
  • Coordinate with project partners who are dedicated to economic development such as the Port of Ridgefield and Columbia River Economic Development Commission.
  • Pursue development of three distinct subareas through the city, each with a complementary vision and development focus: downtown/waterfront, 45th & Pioneer, Ridgefield Junction.
  • Support continued revitalization of Ridgefield’s downtown, and
  • Attract and retain small-to mid-sized businesses with high growth potential.

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