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Public Works & Engineering

The Public Works Department oversees the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of all City-owned public infrastructure. This includes streets, sidewalks, water, stormwater, parks, and the city cemetery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a problem?
To report a non-emergency problem with City of Ridgefield water and drainage services, street, and/or public parks, call Public Works Administration at 360-887-8251 or submit a Public Works Service Request online.

If you are experiencing an emergency non-life threatening water issue outside of business hours, please call (360) 518-8146.

How do I report a streetlight that is out?
Clark Public Utilities (CPU) is responsible for maintaining the street lights in Ridgefield. To report an issue, please contact Clark Public Utilities at 360-992-3000 or submit a service request online through AccessRidgefield.

If you are calling CPU to report a light, you will need the following information:

  • Street Address (including number address, if available)
  • Pole Number (can be found physically on the pole, printed on a small yellow tag typically located at eye level)

If you need further assistance, please contact the City of Ridgefield’s Operations Division at 360-887-8251.

When will the City trim our brush?
The City does not trim trees or brush on private property. 

When will you fix the potholes/signs on my street?
We depend on citizens to help us identify problem areas. Report a problem here and we will assess it for further action.

Is blowing my grass or leaves into the street bad for water quality?
Yes. Grass and leaves blown into the street are washed away by storm-water runoff into the stormwater system, which drains into local streams and rivers. Rotting leaves raise nitrogen levels and lower oxygen levels in the water, leading to excessive algae growth as well as harm and kill fish.

Grass and leaves also cause storm facilities to clog, which may lead to flooding when it rains. 

What is a cross connection and why am I required to install a backflow assembly device?
Cross connections are found in all plumbing systems. Pollutants can enter the safe drinking water system through uncontrolled cross connection when backflow occurs. A backflow assembly device prevents contamination from occurring. RMC 13.55 Backflow Cross-Connection Regulations.

Do I need a permit to remove my tree?
The City of Ridgefield requires a tree removal permit for trees on public property. You may find the Street Tree Removal Application in the Engineering Permit Center.

What utilities services does the City of Ridgefield provide?
The City of Ridgefield provides water and stormwater management services.

For sewer service, please contact Clark Regional Wastewater District directly at 360-750-5876 or visit them online at

How do I start City of Ridgefield water services?
Complete an online Account Application or call 360-887-3557. You will need the following information to set up an account:

  • Your Name, as well as any other names of individuals you want on your account
  • Service Address and, if different, Mailing Address
  • Whether you are renting or own the property
    • Tenants: If you are renting your service location, please confirm with your landlord who will be paying for these services.
  • Your Phone Number and Email Address

For new construction not yet connected to water services, please contact the Community Development Department at 360-887-3908.

There is a disruption in services. Who should I call?
If you are experiencing a disruption in your water service, please call Utility Services at 360-887-3557. 

Any customer who is disconnected for non-payment shall not be reconnected until payment of all charges and fees outlined in the Notice of Past Due Balance and Disconnection of Service is received, or a payment arrangement has been approved by the Finance Director.

Contact Information

Public Works Department
510 Pioneer St., Suite B
Ridgefield, WA 98642
Phone: (360) 887-8251
Fax: (360) 887-2507

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