Interstate 5 – South Connection Project

Corridor Study (Hillhurst Road/NW 31st Avenue to SR 502 Interchange with I-5):

The City of Ridgefield is conducting a corridor study for the Interstate 5 (I-5) South Connection Project. The City received Washington legislative funds for the study which will address long-term circulation needs and relieve congestion along 209th Street, 179th Street, and Pioneer Street (State Route (SR) 501), which is the only I-5 access directly to the city of Ridgefield.

What is the purpose of the project?

The City’s transportation plan and the County Arterial Atlas call for a future connection between Ridgefield (NW Hillhurst Road/NW 31st Ave.) and I-5 at the existing 219th /SR-502 Interchange. This additional connection  to I-5 from the Hillhurst Road/NW 31st Ave. corridor will reduce congestion on Pioneer Street (SR 501), 209th Street, and the 179th Street interchange, and is vital to the area’s long-term circulation needs and to accommodate planned growth within the City.

A sizeable portion of the alignment is located outside of Ridgefield’s Urban Growth Area. The City is leading the project and is partnering with Clark County and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

The corridor study will include the following elements.

  • Analysis of traffic impacts due to a new connection
  • Analysis of environmental constraints
  • Review of topographic constraints
  • Development of conceptual alignments
  • Identification of anticipated right-of-way needs
  • Community and stakeholder outreach

Project Information and Materials

The City kicked off the Connection Project  in June 2020. As the process unfolds, the most recent project information including distributed materials, meeting summaries, and notices for public meetings can be found below.

Ways to stay involved

The City values community input on this important project and we hope you will stay involved in the process! The City will provide project updates on the AccessRidgefield Mobile App and the City’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Nextdoor).

A community open house is planned for September 2020. Additional details will be provided online and through a project mailer.


Contact Bryan Kast, City of Ridgefield Public Works Director at or (360) 887-8251.

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