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Gee Creek Trail

Ridgefield is home to an expansive trail network showing off our natural resources and wildlife. Read on to learn more about the Gee Creek Trail, one of the main trail segments in this network. 

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The Gee Creek Trail is a major trail in the Ridgefield trail network (pictured left). It stretches from Heron Drive in the north, to the Osprey Pointe neighborhood to the south. The trail follows Gee Creek and effectively provides a north-south trail connection through the west end of city. A variety of trail surfaces can be found along the 

Gee Creek Trail is a vital component of Ridgefield’s interconnected park, trail, and greenway system.

Gee Creek is a 4th order tributary to the Columbia River. The creek is named for William Gee, an early pioneer upon whose land the stream arose. The lowest segment of Gee Creek meanders for three miles through the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge before reaching the Columbia River.

Trail Development

Current and Future Projects

Improvements to the trail segment between Abrams Park and Heron Drive, originally completed in 2018, will be completed in Summer 2021!

These improvements are funded through a Federal Transportation Alternatives Program grant and will include benches, landscaping, and a flashing pedestrian crossing at Heron Dr. 

Work is scheduled to begin Monday, July 26th and run until Friday, August 6th. The trail segment will be closed during working hours for this two week period.

A northern segment of the Trail, following the creek through to Main Avenue, is planned to be completed thanks to funding through a Federal Lands Access Program grant. This segment will connect Abrams Park, Union Ridge Elementary, and all other locations along the trail to the wildlife refuge. This is the final critical piece to connect a long-envisioned trail that connects built environment with the natural environment.

The City is still working out details and timeline. Construction is targeted to begin in 2023.

Past Projects

The first portion of the trail opened in 2009. Since then, additions in segments have been made to create a connection between neighborhoods to the north and south of Abrams Park and Downtown Ridgefield.

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