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City Planning

Our planning team works with the community to develop and implement plans and programs to guide future physical and economic development in Ridgefield. The goal of long-range planning is to balance long-term economic, environmental, and livability of the community to be consistent with the state law.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is comprised of seven volunteer citizens who advise the City Council on planning, development, and growth issues for the community. The Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Capital Facilities Plans, Development Code regulations (Title 18 of the Ridgefield Municipal Code), shoreline management regulations, environmental protection regulations, general developmental policy, and other matters as directed by the City Council.

To find more information about a specific property please access the Clark County GIS Maps website. At the Clark County GIS page, you can search by address or parcel number, and find specific comprehensive plan and zoning information for specific parcels of areas.

Current Planning

Development in the City must conform to the Ridgefield Municipal Code. By using this code the City is able to translate broad planning policies into specific regulations for development. Land use permitting is the first step in the City’s development review process.

Ridgefield Shoreline Master Program

Current Development Projects & Updates

The Planning Division reviews pending land use applications for development. Current development projects include public notices, land use decisions, and Community Development monthly and annual reports.

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Planning Inquiries

The Planning Team also provides responsive service to residents and developers seeking to help shape the community planning vision broadly or to learn more about specific development processes and projects. If you have a question regarding planning in Ridgefield please contact the Community Development Department at (360)887-3908

To find more information about a specific property please access the Clark County GIS Maps website. At the Clark County GIS page you can search by address or parcel number, and find specific comprehensive plan and zoning information for specific parcels of areas.

Ridgefield Urban Area Comprehensive Plan

Download the Current 2016 Comprehensive Plan here.

Ridgefield’s population is anticipated to grow from approximately 7,000 people in 2016 to over 26,000 people in 2035. The vision outlined in Ridgefield’s Urban Area Comprehensive Plan for 2016-2035 (RUACP) will guide how the City and the surrounding area will grow and develop during the next 20 years. This vision is best described by five principles:

  • A regional employment center for Clark County and Southwest Washington rather than a bedroom community, with opportunities for family-wage jobs
  • Quality neighborhoods, including maintaining existing neighborhoods, and creating new neighborhoods that incorporate pedestrian elements, access to schools and parks, and high-quality design
  • Distinct commercial and mixed-use nodes to create a complete community, including revitalizing downtown and developing complementary nodes along Pioneer Street
  • Protection of critical environment resource areas to ensure the city’s natural amenities remain central to the community identity, aesthetics, and environmental well-being
  • Careful management of growth to ensure orderly, cost-effective provision of public facilities and utilities as the city continues to grow

The RUACP incorporates plans for three distinct subareas through the city, each with a complementary vision and development focus:

The Junction
– The Junction is a regional employment hub in the heart of the Discovery Corridor. It is a mixed-use destination that provides an attractive gateway to Ridgefield and the Portland-Metro area.

45th & Pioneer Crossing
– The best near-term opportunity at this key intersection is for a grocery-anchored retail center near the Pioneer & 45th roundabout. With this concept, sites for commercial use would be possible at the three as yet undeveloped quadrants of The Crossing.

Downtown Waterfront District
– The Downtown Waterfront District is nestled at the end of Pioneer Street featuring a vibrant mix of locally-owned businesses in a spectacular natural setting. Here, small-town charm is made magical with the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge as its front door, and the meandering Lake River providing a welcoming avenue for kayaking, fishing, boating, hunting and bird watching.

The direction set by Ridgefield’s Comprehensive Plan is implemented in Title 18 of the Ridgefield Municipal Code.

Gee Greek Plateau Subarea Plan
– The Gee Creek Plateau is a jewel in the heart of Ridgefield.  Currently part of Clark County, the approximately 355 acres is completely surrounded by Ridgefield City Limits and the city is working with property owners to make sure that as the Plateau becomes part of the city that development of the area reflects the vision and desires of current property owners and provides a connection to Ridgefields’ history, and a path to our shared future.

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