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Housing Code Updates

In 2020, the Community Development Department received funding from the Department of Commerce’s E2SHB 1923 grant program. Under this program, cities may select from several actions to increase residential building capacity.

Click here to read the Final Ridgefield Housing Code Updates.

Staff Contact

Claire Lust, Community Development Director
(360) 857-5024

In Ridgefield, our scope of work includes the following required actions:

  • Authorize a duplex on each corner lot within all zoning districts that permit single-family residences. (Note: Duplexes are already allowed in Ridgefield’s residential zoning districts, though density restrictions make them more difficult to build.)
  • Authorize at least one duplex, triplex, or courtyard apartment on each parcel in one or more zoning districts that permit single-family residences unless a city documents a specific infrastructure or physical constraint that would make this requirement unfeasible for a particular parcel. (Note: Staff will be focusing on triplexes, along with similar housing types like townhouses.)

The project scope also includes the following optional actions, which we will explore and may apply in a limited manner:

  • Authorize cluster zoning or lot size averaging in all zoning districts that permit single-family residences.
  • Adopt a form-based code in one or more zoning districts that permit residential uses.

To complete these actions, staff will propose updates to the Ridgefield Development Code related to housing uses, development standards, design requirements, and approval processes. Our goal is to streamline the means by which property owners can develop a variety of “missing middle” housing types, while ensuring that the resulting products are attractive and fit in with surrounding neighborhoods.

The City has hired a consultant, MAKERS architecture and urban design, to facilitate existing conditions research, a code audit, public outreach, development of preliminary concepts, and draft and final code writing. The project team developed the following timeline:


Resources and key dates will be added below as the project progresses.

Project Documents

If you were unable to attend the Housing Workshop on November 17th, you can watch the recording below.

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