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Shoreline Master Program Update

Open House

Thursday, March 18, 2021 – 5:30PM-6:30PM
Brief presentation at 5:30 followed by time for questions and discussion. Drop-ins are welcome.

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Public Hearing

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DRAFT Shoreline Master Program Update

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The City of Ridgefield is updating its Shoreline Management Program (SMP) as required by the State. While the changes are not anticipated to be substantive, to support the effort to keep the SMP up-to-date, Washington Department of Ecology provided funding for the City to make these updates. By working closely with the Department of Ecology and Clark County, the city will be able to protect its shorelines from unnecessary damage and degradation.

Ridgefield Periodic Review 2020

The state and the Department of Ecology requests that local jurisdictions update their shoreline program every 8 years, and the time has come for the City to initiate this process. The anticipated completion date of the program revisions will be in July of 2020, with public participation opportunities beginning in the fall and winter of 2019.

Revision Checklist

The Periodic Revision checklist, required by Department of Ecology, contains a list of the general updates the City anticipates making to its Shoreline Master Program to reflect relevant legislative changes since the adoption of City of Ridgefield’s SMP in 2012.

Public Participation Plan

As part the of the update process, the Department of Ecology requires that cities create a plan to encourage and facilitate public participation throughout the review timeline, with a variety of opportunities for public comment such as open houses, comment forms, and public hearings.

Tentative Timeline

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