Parks and Recreation Planning

For descriptions of local parks, please see our Parks and Trails page.

For questions or even more information about the Parks and Recreation Plan, please contact the Public Works Director, Bryan Kast at (360) 887-857-5023.

Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan

Parks and Natural Areas Map

The Parks Board

The Parks Board is comprised of seven volunteer citizens who advise the City Council on parks planning, parks acquisition, operations, and maintenance within the current and future city limits of Ridgefield. Eligible members include residents, property owners and business owners within the urban growth area of the City, as well as citizens residing within the boundaries of the Ridgefield School District.

Parks Board meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month at the Ridgefield Community Center located at 210 N Main Avenue. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in the Parks Advisory Board meetings. If you would like to receive agendas for the Parks Board meetings, please sign up by contacting City Hall at (360) 887-3557 or sending an email to

The following citizens currently serve on the Parks Board:

Position #1:  Marie Bouvier (Term Expires December 31, 2018)
Position #2:  Thomas Ball (Term Expires December 31, 2017)
Position #3:  Beth Putnam (Term Expires December 31, 2017)
Position #4:  Kimberly Stenbak (Term Expires December 31, 2018)
Position #5:  Rachelle Simmons (Term Expires December 31, 2018)
Position #6:  Darrin Class (Term Expires December 31, 2016)
Position #7:  Beth Wills (Term Expires December 31, 2017)