Plan Review

The site plan review process is the principal means of implementing the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan regarding multifamily residential, conditional uses, commercial, industrial, office, public and mixed use developments.

The purpose of site plan review is to use urban land efficiently, ensure adequate and efficient provision of capital facilities and utilities necessary to support planned development, create healthful and safe conditions, and ensure compatibility among new developments, existing uses and future developments. The process also provides for public spaces, parks and trails consistent with the adopted community vision and plans, thereby creating an integrated system of linked local and regional trails, public-right-of-ways and utility corridors for the use and enjoyment of all Ridgefield residents and the general public.

Site plan review is required for:

  1. Multifamily residential development;
  2. All new development and changes to existing development in any zone creating more than one thousand square feet of new impervious surface, changes to existing impervious surface areas affecting more than one thousand square feet, or the removal or fill of more than one hundred cubic yards of material;
  3. Parking lots creating ten new spaces in any district;
  4. Any development within critical areas or requiring SEPA review; and
  5. Conditional uses and nonconforming situations.

The following activities are exempt and a site plan review is not required:

  1. Modifications to developed sites that create less than one thousand square feet of new impervious surface area, changes to less than one thousand square feet of existing impervious surface, or less than one hundred cubic yards of material for removal or fill in a twelve-month period, such as a change in permitted use or occupancy;
  2. Grading projects of any quantity that do not create any new impervious surface;
  3. Building permits;
  4. Sign permits; and
  5. Site improvements, such as access lanes, signage, parking restrictions necessary for the sole purpose of complying with adopted fire and life safety regulations.

The planning director may require a pre-application conference prior to submitting the site plan review application.

For more detailed information about site plan review, see Ridgefield Municipal Code Chapter 18.500.

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