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Fire Protection, Fireworks, & Outdoor Burning

The City of Ridgefield contracts with Clark Cowlitz Fire & Rescue for Fire Services.

Fire Stations

Station 21
911 N 65th Avenue
Ridgefield, WA 98642

Boathouse 24
5 Mill Street
Ridgefield, WA 98642

Outdoor Burning

July 23, 2021: RECREATIONAL BURN BAN IN EFFECT. Recreational fires are temporarily prohibited due to extended hot and dry weather. the ban will remain in place until sufficient rainfall occurs to lower the risk. Self-contained camp stoves and barbeques, which are not banned, are a safe and easy alternative to fire pits for outdoor cooking.

According to Municipal Code 8.28.030 all outdoor burning and outdoor fires within the City of Ridgefield, Washington shall be unlawful, excepting the following, specific types of outdoor fires:
  • Ceremonial, religious or celebratory fire no larger than three feet by three feet by two feet using only virgin wood shall be allowed.
  • Recreational fires no larger than three feet by three feet by two feet using only virgin wood shall be allowed.
  • Fire conducted for training by Clark County Fire District No. 12 charged with the responsibility to suppress fires within the city of Ridgefield.
  • Agricultural burning under a valid agricultural burn permit issued by the Washington State Department of Ecology, conducted in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and the laws of the state of Washington and all federal laws. To qualify for agricultural burning, the applicant must have filed a Schedule F with their federal tax returns.

Visit the Southwest Clean Air Agency Interactive Burn Map for help determining where it is legal to burn.

Consumer Fireworks

JUNE 25, 2021: Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue, in consultation with the Cities of La Center and Ridgefield, has made the difficult decision to ban the use of fireworks this year in those cities. The hot weather and dry vegetation substantially increase the risk to people and property from fireworks this year.

In addition, the City of Ridgefield, in consultation with Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue has prohibited the sale of fireworks in city limits. We are working with the RHS Booster Club to minimize the impact on their fundraising project and provide a new fundraising opportunity this summer.

We think Independence Day is worth celebrating, and encourage you to celebrate in safer ways with family and friends. The Ridgefield 4th of July Celebration will have many activities in downtown Ridgefield, learn more at

For information about the sale and display of fireworks in areas outside the city limits, take a look at the Clark County website. Take a moment to review firework safety.

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