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Ridgefield is located in the rolling pastoral hills in North Clark County and connected to main transportation through Interstate 5 and Lake River, which flows into the Columbia River. Once in the City, explore by foot, bike, or car.

Get to Ridgefield City Center

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C-TRAN Connector

The C-TRAN Connector provides Ridgefield with fully-accessible dial-a-ride (reservation based service) and scheduled stop service (no reservation required) at Ridgefield City Center (Main Ave and Simons St). Check C-TRAN for most up to date transportation information.


Streets and Roads

State Route 501, also known as Pioneer Street, acts as the primary transportation corridor connecting downtown and the I-5 Junction. Main Avenue and Hillhurst Road are north-south connectors.


Ridgefield Boat Launch

Water Travel

Lake River flows from Vancouver Lake, along Ridgefield, and into the Columbia River. The Port of Ridgefield Boat Launch is located at the end of Mill St, right next to McCuddy’s Marina.

Travel Around Ridgefield

Sidewalk trail

Walking Trails

Ridgefield envisions an interconnected community with park, trail, and greenway system that contributes to the City’s small town characer, provides a variety of recreation opportunities, and is an integral part of the community.  A list of trails can be found on our City Parks page. 

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Golf Cart Zone

Did you know Ridgefield has a Golf Cart Zone? 

As part of the Multi Modal Plan, the City of Ridgefield has designated a Golf Cart Zone on all streets, including SR 501, within the corporate limits of the City of Ridgefield, which have a speed limit of 25 mph or less. Golf carts may travel on all portions of the public streets and rights-of-way located within the Golf Cart Zone having a speed limit of twenty-five miles per hour or less. Golf Carts may not travel on city sidewalks or designated bicycle lanes.

Golf Cart Use is regulated and vehicles must be registered. Please call the Ridgefield Police Department at 360-887-3556 to register your golf cart. 
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