Stormwater and Wastewater

Catch Basins/Drain Inlets

During the leafy season in the Fall, catch basins can become plugged. The City works hard to ensure the basins are cleared in order to allow stormwater runoff to flow into the catch basins. City Code prohibits placing leaves from private property into the right-of-way, which can contribute to plugged catch basins. Citizens can assist the City by raking leaves and debris away from the catch basins. Stand on the curb or private property side of the catch basin and use a fork or rake to clear leaves, limbs, and debris from the catch basin. Do not attempt to remove the grate, only the debris on top of the grate.

What is a catch basin/drain inlet?
It is a structure that is designed to drain excess rain and ground water from paved streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and roofs.

When are they cleaned?
Catch basins are typically cleaned on a yearly basis. They help prevent street debris from entering the stormwater system, creeks, lakes, and rivers.

Why are they important?
These structures carry excess water away from impervious surfaces (roads, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.) to prevent flooding. Some catch basins may also contain filtering devices that can help improve water quality.

What services does the City provide and who maintains them?
The City’s Operations unplugs clogged public catch basins/drain inlets and repairs any damaged public stormwater structures.

Stormwater Plans

The City of Ridgefield is concerned about the control and prevention of flooding, erosion, siltation and the degradation of water quality in Ridgefield due to pollutant loads carried by stormwater.  In order to address these needs, the City wishes to plan and implement a stormwater management program to provide and maintain a system of storm drainage facilities and controls designed to protect the property and lives of City residents as well as maintain and enhance the environment.

The City has hired Gray & Osborne, Inc. to prepare a Stormwater Management Plan. The purpose of this Plan is to characterize the drainage basins, identify existing and potential problems, develop alternative solutions for stormwater quantity and quality control, recommend a stormwater management program, and plan for financing the recommended maintenance and improvement program.

The plan will be prepared in two phases. The first phase includes an assessment of drainage area characteristics, regulatory considerations, and hydrologic/hydraulic modeling results under current and future land use conditions which describe areas that are currently inefficient in terms of stormwater conveyance capacity. The second phase will include recommendations regarding capital improvement projects. The City may formally adopt the plan for use as a planning tool in order to use it to meet stormwater quality and quantity control needs. The City will finance the stormwater management program and capital improvements through the stormwater utility. Capital improvements may also be funded through the Public Works Trust Fund, Revenue Bonds, General Obligation Bonds, Local Improvement Districts or a General Facilities Charge. Each of the above options and a plan for financing a stormwater management program and capital improvements will be included in the second phase of the Stormwater Management Plan.

In 2005 the City formed a storm and surface water utility as a means of generating revenue to fund the operation and maintenance of the utility and perform necessary capital improvements.

Download the Stormwater Management Plan here.


Effective January 1, 2014, the City of Ridgefield transferred ownership and operation of its sewer collection system to the Clark Regional Wastewater District (CRWWD). The District is a single-purpose utility focusing exclusively on the collection and treatment of wastewater since 1958. The District services 26,000 customers located primarily in the north and western portions of Clark County. The District is accredited by the American Public Works Association, meaning all District functions and services meet or exceed national best management practices. Read more about Ridgefield’s transfer of sewer services on CRWWD’s website. You can also read CRWWD’s Supplemental Notice to Development Community.

Residential User Rates

Ridgefield residential customers can expect to pay approximately $60.50 per month for District sewer service in 2014. The District’s base rate is very stable and will only increase $1 per year over the next three years.

The District offers two levels of senior discounts. A 35% monthly discount is available to seniors 62 years of age or older and household income equal to or less than 125% of federal poverty guidelines. A 20% monthly discount is available to seniors 62 years of age or older with a household income equal to or less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines.

Commercial and Industrial User Rates

The District bills commercial and industrial users a monthly fixed rate according to water meter size plus a monthly volumetric rate based on water consumption readings provided by the water service provider, similar to past billing by the City of Ridgefield. An average monthly bill will be determined once annually based upon the prior year’s water consumption.

Sewer Bills

The District bills residential customers every other month on the first workday of the month, one month in arrears and one month forward, with payment due the last working day of the month the statement is received. The District bills multi-family, commercial, and industrial customers every month on the first workday of the month, one month in arrears, with payment due the last working day of the month.  The District offers several options for payment.

Residential customers will receive their first bill from the District on or about February 3, 2014 for the months of January and February.  This bill will be due February 28, 2014.

Multi-family, commercial and industrial customers will receive their first bill from the District on or about February 3, 2014 for the month of January.  The bill will be due February 28, 2014.

Service Questions

The District operates one central service line for any and all customer questions and service requests. The service line is available twenty-four hours a day, every day at (360) 750-5876. For more information visit the Clark Regional Wastewater District website.

Locating Sewer Lines

Property owners may request information regarding the approximate locations of existing sanitary sewer lines within the City of Ridgefield’s City Limits or Urban Growth Area by visiting calling CRWWD at (360) 750-5876.