Image of the 5 large Black Walnut trees at Overlook Park.
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Overlook Park Trees Scheduled for Replacement

Later this week an arborist contracted by the City of Ridgefield will be removing two of the large Walnut trees located at Overlook Park along South Main Avenue. The two most southern trees (on the right side of the photo) will be removed as they have been determined a safety hazard. The trees will be replaced with mature 25-30 foot tall Oregon White Oaks (Quercus garryana).
The Oregon White Oak is one of four deciduous oaks native to the Pacific Northwest and provides food and habitat for many birds and wildlife species. The species was once thriving throughout SW Washington and the Willamette Valley. When full grown, they will have a height and spread comparable to the Walnut trees being removed.
Overlook Park “overlooks” the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, home to a rare collection of Oregon White Oaks. The Refuge’s Oak Woodland Restoration projects improve oak woodland habitat and promote healthy oak trees.
The wood from the Walnut trees will be sold to help defray the cost of more mature replacement trees.

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