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About Ridgefield

Ridgefield is in the pastoral, rolling hills countryside of northern Clark County, Washington.

Ridgefield is notable for the significant Native American and Lewis and Clark Expedition history of the area, but is also the home of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, a primary reserve for migrating waterfowl on the Pacific Flyway, and the Ridgefield High School “Spudders” (reflecting the area’s potato-farming heritage). Whether you are looking for a day trip getaway, a business friendly city for your company, or a vibrant community to call your home, Ridgefield has opportunities for everyone.

Local and Regional Information

While the city, itself is relatively modest in size, the geographic area that is locally also called Ridgefield is quite a bit larger, extending from the Columbia River to its immediate west, the Lewis River to the north, several miles past Interstate 5 to the east, and south nearly to Vancouver, Washington.

Early Ridgefield settlers built a vibrant agricultural and forestry-based economy, followed by growth in the industrial and shipping sectors with the creation of the Interstate 5 junction and the expansion of the Port of Ridgefield (link is external). The I-5 junction has experienced and is planned to see significant commercial and industrial growth. State Route 501, also known as Pioneer Street, acts as the primary transportation corridor connecting downtown and the I-5 Junction.

Main Avenue and Hillhurst Road are north-south connectors that reflect over 100 years of settlement, with a mix of old historic residential structures interspersed with modern subdivisions. Ridgefield is working to maintain and improve the quality of existing residences while encouraging the development of new neighborhoods that have distinctive and individual character, pedestrian friendly amenities and parks.

Our city is comprised of newcomers excited about making this nature-filled place their new home and long-time residents who continue to revel in Ridgefield’s picturesque surroundings, family-friendly neighborhoods and parks, and a strong sense of community. Add to it Main Street America charm and major employers, and you’ll find that Ridgefield offers a piece of paradise for those who want to get away from the Big City… but not too far away.

With its ample supply of open land and major infrastructure in place, Ridgefield is ready to proceed with quality development. Significant projects on the horizon in Ridgefield’s future include the construction of a Clark College satellite campus, a new Peace Health facility, and the commercial development of the Port of Ridgefield’s 40-acre waterfront site – a natural extension of the downtown area.

With Ridgefield’s commitment to quality in everything it undertakes – public parks and trails, community events, schools, business development, and more – it makes a great place to call home for you or your business. Visitors will find it welcoming here, too!

Ridgefield offers the best of life in a small community while being in close proximity to the Portland-Vancouver metro area, which offers a world-class food scene, theater, ballet, professional sports events, and more.

Whether you are a long-time resident, new to town or visiting for the first time, we encourage you to explore and enjoy all that Ridgefield has to offer.

City of Ridgefield logo

The City of Ridgefield logo represents the unique attributes of Ridgefield’s community. The typeface and colors represent the forward and rising movement of the City, while retaining its tradition and small town charm. The Sandhill Crane reflects the City’s commitment to the environment and its vibrant and active community. 

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