Ridgefield is Ready to Respond to Snow and Ice

Winter is here and Ridgefield Public Works employees, plows, sanders, and de-icer are ready to keep our community safe and accessible.  When snow is in the forecast the crew ensures that City equipment is ready, preemptively applies de-icer to the City’s roadways and monitors the condition of the roads as the snow begins to fall.

Should snow and ice begin to accumulate on the roads, streets are classified by priority for plowing. Main roadways such as Pioneer St, Hillhurst Rd, and Main Ave are cleared first, followed by key collector roadways such as Heron, Pioneer Canyon and Wells Drive. During severe snow events the crew works 24/7 to keep open the major streets that connect police, fire, and medical services. The City will not plow private parking lots, private roads or driveways.

Plowing may leave a slight build-up of snow at the ends of private driveways. You can help the City and your neighbors by shoveling this build-up out of the way.

Please keep the following winter safety tips top of mind:

  • If you are driving in snow or ice, use the accelerator and brakes gently. Increase your following distance and decrease your speed.
  • Never follow City snow removal equipment.
  • Disconnect garden hoses and insulate exposed water pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes food, blankets and warm clothes.

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