Ridgefield Pavement Management Program

The City of Ridgefield maintains about 50 linear miles of paved streets.

Pavement management is a way of protecting this community asset and maximizing the life of our streets. Each year, staff evaluates pavement conditions and determines the most cost-effective methods to extend pavement life and improve the driving surface. When streets begin to fail, they fail quickly and the costs to repair them increases dramatically. To use resources most efficiently, the city’s primary focus has been on keeping good streets in good condition.



This 10 Year Project Map demonstrates the streets that are scheduled for repair under the Pavement Management Program.

Pavement Management 2019

The Ridgefield City Council has been ramping up the investment in taking care of the streets throughout our community. In 2019, the City of Ridgefield will put nearly $350,000 to work preserving and improving street conditions.

Patching and chip seal projects are currently underway to repair residential streets in poor condition on So. 15th Way in Taverner Ridge, S. Hillhurst, Heron Drive, No. 1st Avenue downtown near Depot Street and 22nd Circle at the entrance to Wishing Wells. These projects will be underway through July. Projects on So. 8th Avenue and N. Royle Road were completed earlier this year.


The projects in red are part of the City’s pavement management program. These areas will have major damage patched and then chip-sealed. The green projects are road re-construction projects that are led by the City.

If there is a street in your neighborhood that needs fixing and you don’t see it on the 2019 Road Projects map, take a look at the 10-Year Project Map above to see if it scheduled for repair. If you don’t find your street in the 10-Year Map, use the City’s App “Access Ridgefield” to let us know.

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