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We are excited to announce a second round of rebates, beginning September 14, 2020!

The City of Ridgefield wants to help our local business community during these challenging times and we need your help.

During the Ridgefield Shop Local and Save Program the City of Ridgefield is offering utility rebates on your water bills for local receipts. You read that right, you could earn a credit on your utility bill by buying and eating locally made food and beverages, or by purchasing a gift card from your favorite downtown store. Our local businesses make the possibilities seem endless.

How does it work? The process is easy:

  1. Spend $25 at a local business or restaurant (you can combine receipts) – the receipt must have the date (between 9/14/2020 and 10/31/2020) and business name.
  2. Write your name (as it appears on your utility statement), phone number, and utility account number on the receipt(s).
  3. Upload the receipt(s) in the form below OR Scan and email the receipt(s) to OR drop off the receipt(s) in a sealed envelope at the gray dropbox in front of City Hall at 230 Pioneer St by Sunday, November 15th.
  4. The City of Ridgefield will credit $15 towards your utility bill.

You can earn up to 5 credits per account with a maximum credit of $75 per account.


Frequently Asked Questions

I already received the max rebate in the first round of the program, am I eligible to receive another rebate?

YES! This second round of rebates is not affected by previous submissions. All residential customers are eligible for up to $75 in credit.

Can commercial and industrial accounts receive credit too?

Commercial and industrial businesses are not eligible for rebates. It is limited to residential customers. If you are unsure if your account is eligible for a rebate, please call 360-887-3557.

Can I combine receipts to reach the $25 limit?

Yes! You can combine any number of receipts before submitting. The total amount purchased will be added together to calculate the amount of rebate you will receive. Spend $125 to receive the max rebate of $75. Please do not continue to submit receipts after you have reached $125.

Can I get a rebate for purchasing a gift card?

Yes! Gift card purchases of $25 or more will be counted as a purchase at a local business.

Can I give my credit to another account?

Unfortunately, we are not able to allow donations of credits. Thank you for understanding.

Does alcohol count in my purchase total?

We are home to wonderful wineries and breweries, of course it counts.

I have a Ridgefield address but I don’t receive bills from the City of Ridgefield, am I eligible for a rebate?

No. The City of Ridgefield is only able to credit city accounts. If you are not billed for water or stormwater by the City of Ridgefield, we do not have an account to apply a rebate to.

How long will this program last?

This program will start September 14, 2020 and continue until October 31, 2020. Qualifying purchases include those made between September 14, 2020 and October 31, 2020. Receipts may be submitted until November 15, 2020. Receipts received after November 15 will not be eligible for rebate.

How much credit can I earn on my account?

You can earn up to $75 worth of credit on your account by submitting $125 in eligible purchases.

I bought a pizza in August from a local business, can I turn in that receipt for a rebate?

To be eligible a receipt must be dated between September 14, 2020 – October 31, 2020. But hey, now you get to purchase and eat a second pizza. So we’re all winners here.

What if I have a receipt of over $50? Does that count as two credits?

Yes. Utility rebates of $15 will be applied for every $25 spent. A receipt of $50 will be worth $30 in rebates, a receipt of $75 will be worth $45 and so on up to a $75 rebate for a receipt of $125.

Also, you can combine receipts, meaning if you send in 3 receipts of purchases of $20 each, you would be able to get the $30 of rebates.

What is considered a “Local Business?”

A local business is any business within the Ridgefield city limits. Note: There are many businesses with a Ridgefield address that are NOT within city limits. You can view the Ridgefield City Limits at or in the image below.

We encourage people to use this program to shop small and support businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Think of local restaurants, retail businesses, and service industries that have been impacted by this crisis and use this program to help your neighbors.

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