Special Event and Park Use Permit

New Process!!

The City of Ridgefield has a new Special Event and Park Use Permit Process. This new process was effective April 1, 2019.

For the Special Event Permit process, the City is requesting that all applications be submitted at least 60 days  in advance of your event.

The Park Use Permit process is new. A Park Use Permit is required if you would like to reserve Abrams Park, Bennett Hall at Abrams Park, or Overlook Park. A Park Use Permit is also required to install special items or equipment at ANY City park. For example, special equipment may include a bouncy house or a dunk tank.

There is not a fee for submitting a Special Event or Park Use application. There IS a rental fee and a refundable deposit required for reserving a park. Refundable deposits are due in order to reserve your spot, rental fees are due by 10 days prior to your rental.

When Is a Permit Required?

The City of Ridgefield is proud to offer a large number of parks that are open and available to the City’s residents and visitors. For an individual to reserve use of a City park, street or other City facility for a special use: a permit is required. This permit process provides the City of Ridgefield a mechanism to prevent conflicts in use of city property; allow for necessary site/facility preparations; and protect the public’s health, safety and general welfare.

There are two (2) types of permits that may be required:

Special Events Permit: Authorization for a renter or vendor to conduct or host a special event or public gathering in a public or privately-owned outdoor venue. Examples include: block parties, festivals, parades, fun runs, etc. Must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event date.

Park Use Permit: A Park Use Permit is required to reserve space at Abrams or Overlook Parks, or to temporarily install special equipment at a park such as an inflatable house or a dunk tank. The areas that may be reserved are:

    • Abrams Park – Baseball, Softball and Grassy Fields
    • Bennett Hall at Abrams Park – Bennett Hall, Kitchen, Plaza, and Open Space
    • Overlook Park – Stage, Plaza and Grassy Area

Curious about Rental Fees? Check the Fee Schedule for Park Rentals and Special Events.
For additional event planning information, visit Event Planning Information.

What is a Special Event?

Special Events are gatherings/ events held by private groups or organizations that

      • Involve the use of City facility or property such as buildings, parks, or parking lots.
      • Impact the use of city streets, sidewalks, and public right-of-way.
      • Impact the need for city-provided emergency services such as police, fire, or medical aid.
      • Involve an open invitation to the public to attend OR are by private invitation of one-hundred or more people.

Examples of events are:


Why Do You Need A Special Events Permit?

Ridgefield encourages civic, private, and community groups to sponsor “Special Events.” To do so, the City makes its streets and public right-of-way available for approved events. To promote success, ensure safety of event participants and spectators, and minimize public inconvenience caused by such an event, a Special Event Permit must be obtained prior to the event.

Special Events Permit Application Process

    • Until your event is approved, it is advised that you not announce, advertise or promote the event. In your marketing, use of the City of Ridgefield logo is prohibited unless written permission is obtained.
    •  Special Event Permit Application: to begin the process, you will need to complete a Special Event Permit Application. The application can be filled out online or printed and delivered to City Hall. Please submit the application as far in advance of your event as possible, but no later than 30 days prior to your event.
    • Review Process: All applications are subject to a review process to ensure that the request can be accommodated and to determine if additional information, services and/or accommodations are required. The applicant may be asked to attend a review committee meeting in order to provide additional event details or to discuss your event’s impact on the city and any plans necessary to accommodate those impacts.
    • Secure required permits and additional documents: Additional permits or documents may be required prior to approval of your application including:
      • A site plan indicating where event activities will take place, street closures and detour routes
      • A Certificate of Insurance
      • A Traffic Control Plan (if the event affects public right-of-way)
      • WSDOT Highway Approval (if using, closing or restricting Pioneer Street)
      • Washington Liquor Control Commission Permit (if serving alcohol during the event)
      • Temporary Restaurant License & Food Handler Certificate (if food will be served during the event)
    • Once all required permits and documents have been received and approved, you will receive a Special Event Permit. A copy must be onsite and made available on the day of the event.