Graphic with text '2022 Slurry Seal Projects'

Summer 2022 Pavement Preservation Projects

Each year, Ridgefield completes road maintenance and preservation projects by monitoring and prioritizing streets according to the Pavement Conditions Index (PCI).

In 2022, the following streets will receive Crack/Slurry Seal completed by a city contractor on Wednesday, July 27th and Monday, August 1st: Click on map to enlarge.
List of streets below map.

Map showing streets to receive crack/slurry seal treatment on July 27 and August 1.

It is important not to drive on streets that have been treated until the contractor clears cones from driveways and street entrances. Please respect these cones and prepare ahead for transportation to and from your home.

Residents who live on a “red” street will need to park on a “green” street on Wednesday, July 27th.
Residents who live on a “green” street will need to park on a “red” street on Monday, August 1st.

All impacted residents will receive notification from the contractor 3 days before the work starts on the affected streets. No parking signs with dates and times will be posted. Please pay close attention to these notices and avoid parking or driving on closed streets.

  • Neighborhood: Cedar Ridge
    • S 32nd Place
    • S 1st Street (west of S 32nd Place)
    • S 31st Place
    • S 2nd Street
    • S Cedar Ridge Drive
    • S 3rd Way (west of S 32nd Place)
    • 2nd Street
  • Neighborhood: Hillhurst
    Monday, August 1 is a regular garbage pickup for residents of Hillhurst. Set your carts out normally, Waste Connections will pick up prior to the contractor beginning work. Please make sure your carts are out the night prior OR by 5:30am.

    • S 6th Way
    • S 5th Court
    • S 5th Circle
    • S 15th Court
    • S 14th Place
    • S 7th Circle
    • S 8th Way (Hillhurst to S 15th Ct)
  • Neighborhood: Columbia Hills
    • S Cispus Way
    • S Sauk Way
    • S White Salmon Drive (S Sevier to S Nisqually)
    • S Methow Place
    • S Wind River Way
    • S Nisqually Ave

What is Crack Seal and Slurry Seal?

Just like your car needs regularly scheduled oil changes to remain in good working condition, a street needs regular maintenance to function properly and meet its expected 50-year life span. Proactive maintenance and preservation through regularly scheduled crack and slurry sealing, every 10 – 15 years after a street’s construction is the most effective method for extending the life of pavement. This scheduled maintenance saves resources and keeps our streets drivable and safe.

Crack Seal – The most cost effective preservation method, crack sealing involves applying an asphalt rubber into a crack to prevent water intrusion.

Slurry Seal – A slurry seal is the application of a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, aggregate (very small crushed rock), and additives to an existing asphalt pavement surface. This mixture seals the pavement and prevents water intrusion. Slurry seals are used on local residential streets.

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