The Ridge: 2019 | Edition 1

The 2019 First Edition of the City of Ridgefield Official Newsletter is here!

With all the new homes being built, a familiar question is whether all that growth is paying for the added impacts to our roads, parks, water, sewer, schools, etc. The simple truth is that for the costs we can measure and charge for, it’s paying about as much as can be legally charged and more than just about anywhere else.
The bottom line is that the City will continue working to make sure that growth pays its way as much as it legally can and more than just about anywhere, to build the roads, parks, and schools we need for not just the new people but all of us.  Learn more by downloading the Newsletter here.
Other articles include the beginning of the Neighbors on Watch program, City Hall being placed on the Historic Register, new incoming City Councilor Jennifer Lindsay, new building and permitting location, the creation of our “Historic Downtown District” and more.

How do you obtain a copy of the newsletter?

The next edition will be available in early May.

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