Arts and Culture

Ridgefield Art Association

Ridgefield Art Association is a non-profit community arts group. The association philosophy encourages self-expression through the visual arts and fully supports all the arts including performance, literature, media, dance, music, graphic design, language arts, film/video, and theater. The group facilitates art exhibits, art sales, classes, lectures, performances, and other events including an annual spring art exhibit with shows generally held the first weekend in May. The Ridgefield Art Association also strives to inspire the hearts and minds of our talented youth through an annual art grant/scholarship.

Clark County Arts Commission

The purpose of the Clark County Arts Commission is to support and promote the arts in Clark County. They search to spread awareness and accessibility and provide collaboration with fellow artists, service groups, and cultural organizations.  You can also contact the City of Ridgefield representative Barbara Wright at

Performances at Old Liberty Theater

Located in downtown Ridgefield, Washington The Old Liberty Theater is a performing arts venue dedicated to providing top-quality live performances as well as a facility to enable the live arts.  Established in 1946, The Old Liberty Theater was reclaimed by the Griswold family in 2001 and renovated as a performing arts space.  During the course of her reopening as a theater, the OLT has housed musicians from around the globe with worldwide recognition as well as providing a space for rising artists to emerge.

Visit their website for upcoming shows and events!

Artwork Around Town

Overlook Park

The Native American art panels near the back of the stage were designed by local artist Adam McIsaac and manufactured at Fouch Electric by Danny Knutson. The faces were also designed by Adam and made at Elements of Glass by its owner, Ian Gilula. Native Americans living in the area believed that humans, animals, and the environment are connected and not separate entities, and with the addition of the glass faces the representation of this relationship is complete. Its purpose is to connect the community with the refuge and serve as a welcome center for visitors to our community.

Downtown Outdoor Murals

Downtown Ridgefield is home to several murals. Check out the beautiful mural (a portion pictured to the left) painted by students at Ridgefield High School. The project was completed during the City’s first Youth Arts Month.

Veteran’s Memorial

The memorial has 5 monoliths, dedicated to each of the 5 branches of service. It was built solely by volunteers with support from the American Legion. It is located directly adjacent to the Skateboard Park.

Cathlopotle Plankhouse

A cultural treasure to Ridgefield, the Cathlopotle house is a full-scale Chinookan Plankhouse located on the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. It was built based on archeological evidence located on the refuge property. The site is what remains of the town of Cathlapotle, a Chinookan town encountered by Lewis and Clark on their expedition. The Plankhouse offers a trip to the past as it encompasses the culture of the people who used to live there.

Youth Arts Month

Ridgefield Youth Arts Month represents a partnership between Ridgefield School District and the Ridgefield community encouraging young people to take part in artistic endeavors including literary, visual, musical, and performing arts. Youth Arts Month happens throughout the month of March with events taking place at all four district schools as well as at community businesses and organizations. Visit the website for a complete calendar of events.

Opus School of Music

Opus School of Music offers private and group lessons for all ages and often plays for City and business events around the region. Opus teaches piano, guitar, voice, violin, drum lessons and several other instruments. Learn more about Opus here.

Ridgefield Community Library

The Ridgefield Community Library is constantly holding fun and exciting artistic and cultural events for all ages including storytimes, stitchery circles, and much more. Visit this website for a full calendar.