100 Miles in 100 Days

Ridgefield is home to a wonderful trail network, a spacious waterfront and calm river, a one-of-a-kind Refuge, and is nestled in a region full of amazing outdoor recreation opportunities.

We created the 100 Miles in 100 Days challenge in 2020 to help residents get moving and enjoying our environment and are excited to launch it again in 2021!

Complete 100 miles of walking, running, hiking, paddling, or biking outside in the BEAUTIFUL place we live in the 100 days between Saturday, June 5th and Monday, September 13th. Participate in community events along the way and get healthy exercise alongside your neighbors.

Looking for ideas of where to complete your miles? Check our guide below the FAQ!

2020 Frequently Asked Questions***

**FAQ will be updated for 2021 Event by Saturday, May 1st!

How does the challenge work?
When you register for the challenge you will receive a log sheet for tracking your progress. The challenge begins on Saturday, June 6th, and ends 100 days later on Monday, September 14th. Each time you go outside and walk, run, hike, paddle, or bike during this time frame, record it on your log sheet! At the end of the challenge you will submit your completed log sheet to City Hall, no later than Monday, September 21st. ALL participants who complete 100 qualifying miles within the 100 days will receive a finisher’s prize and be entered into a Grand Prize raffle.

How do we join?
Register for the challenge on Eventbrite beginning Saturday, May 16th. You can register for free and participate in the challenge and receive and Finisher’s Prize and entry in the Grand Prize raffle, or enter for $5 (before June 30th) and receive an exclusive 100 Miles in 100 Days T-Shirt in addition to your Finisher’s Prize and entry in the raffle. Note: You will only receive a Finisher’s Prize and be entered in the Grand Prize raffle if you submit your completed log sheet by 5PM Monday, September 21st.

What if I am registering multiple people?
You can register multiple people at once on Eventbrite. Just select the number of Participants as you would like to register. You will only provide one name in checkout, but each participant will put their own name on their log sheet. 

Registration is important so we know how many participants to be prepared for and so we can communicate with you throughout the event. 

How do I get miles?
Log miles by walking, running, hiking, paddling, or biking in Ridgefield or anywhere! Paddling miles only qualify in a non-motorized boat, and each bike mile counts as 0.5 qualifying miles. Look for ideas on where to complete your miles lower on this page.

What if I want to start AFTER June 6th?
You can register for the challenge at ANY time! However, if you would like to receive a T-Shirt the cut-off is Tuesday, June 30th.

How do I win BONUS raffle entry?
Bonus raffle entries can be earned by promoting the challenge on your social media. Simply post a picture of you working on completing the challenge on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #Ridgefield100in100 to earn 1 bonus entry. Each participant is eligible for up to 3 bonus entries.

*Please note: If your profile is on private we may not see your post, please screenshot your post and send it through a personal message on Facebook or Instagram. Bonus entries will only be added if you return a completed Log Sheet.

What do I do with log sheet when I have completed 100 Miles?
All completed log sheets must be received by 5:00pm Monday, September 21st, at City Hall. Log sheets can be returned via online, email, mail or hand delivery to:

Online: Submit your completed log book through the submission box on this page. (below) You will need to pick up your Finisher’s Prize during one of the prize pick up windows. 

Email: events@ridgefieldwa.us. You will need to pick up your Finisher’s Prize during one of the prize pick up windows. 

Mail or Hand Delivery: 230 Pioneer Street, PO Box 608, Ridgefield, WA 98642. You will need to pick up your Finisher’s Prize during one of the prize pick up windows. 

To get your Finisher’s Prize, complete your log book and submit using any of the methods by September 21st, or submit during one of the following prize pick-up windows:

  • Friday, August 21st from 2PM-6PM at Ridgefield City Hall (230 Pioneer St)
  • Monday, September 21st from 2PM-6PM at Ridgefield City Hall (230 Pioneer St)

When (and how) will I receive my awesome T-Shirt?
If you registered for $5 and provided your T-Shirt size by June 30th you will receive a participation T-Shirt! T-Shirts will be available for pick-up only on the following dates: 

  • Friday, August 21st from 2PM-6PM at Ridgefield City Hall
  • Monday, September 21st from 2PM-6PM at Ridgefield City Hall 

Does it cost anything?
NOPE! This activity is free, but please, only one entry per person.

Don’t forget to take pictures while completing the challenge and post it to Facebook or Instagram using the #Ridgefield100in100 #RidgefieldTrails, and #CityofRidgefieldEvents. We want to see all the fun you’re having!

How to get miles:


You can complete miles ANYWHERE for this challenge! Find popular trails wherever you are on Strava or All Trails. Here are some of our recommendations for trails within the local area:


  • Ridgefield Parks and Trails Map – Use this map to identify a loop of any size that starts and ends in your neighborhood! If you are feeling up for a long walk, tour the city!
    • View our Suggested Loops on Ridgefield Trails
    • To find short trail segments connecting to subdivisions around town, download the Strava app, create an account (hint: you can skip the free trial and go right to the free version), and Follow the City of Ridgefield. We have been logging trails using the app this spring and are working on an updated trail map and trail resource webpage. Go to the City of Ridgefield profile on Strava and click “Activities” to browse trail segments. Instructions to use Strava on a browser. 
  • Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Trails – The Refuge is home to several trail options! Please remember dogs are not allowed on the refuge and there is a daily use fee.
    • A newly connected trail is open this summer connecting downtown Ridgefield to the Refuge and the Port of Ridgefield! Start at Overlook Park and walk up North Main to the Refuge. Journey through the Oaks to Wetlands trail system and then take the Carty Lake Trail to the waterfront Port property. Continue on the waterfront trail to Mill St, then return to Main and south to Overlook Park. You will complete nearly 5 miles.
  • For an educational walk, complete the Historic Walking Tour of downtown Ridgefield!



  • WSU Vancouver Cougar Trails – A six mile trail system exploring the campus and open space, and forested land of WSU Vancouver. Note: Parking at the campus is subject to a daily fee Monday-Friday.
  • Salmon Creek Greenway Trial – The Salmon Creek Greenway Trail begins at Klineline Park and travels along Salmon Creek for about 3 miles. Park at one end and travel 6 total miles or choose a turn around point for any length. Note: $3 Parking Fee or County Park pass required to park at Klineline
  • Burnt Bridge Creek Trail System – This 8-mile paved trail passes through a variety of landscapes and is mostly flat. There are several trailheads along the trail and three detailed maps for each section.


  • Lacamas Regional Park – 9.5 miles of gravel and dirt trails surrounding Lacamas and Round lakes. Click the name for trail maps. Parking is free.
  • Captain William Clark Regional Park – This beachfront park has 4.17 miles of dirt/gravel trail and features breathtaking views of Mt Hood. Parking is free.


  • Frenchman’s Bar Trail – This 2.5 mile paved trail connects Frenchman’s Bar Park with Vancouver Lake Park. Note: Both parks require $3 daily parking or County Park Parking Pass.
  • Columbia River Renaissance Trail – This paved 5-mile trail travels along the Columbia River. Trailheads are located at Wintler Community Park, Marine Park, and Waterfront Park. Note: There is a $5 fee to park at Wintler. On street parking at Waterfront Park is metered on weekdays.
  • Discovery Historic Loop Trail – This 2.3-mile loop tours the historic sites of Fort Vancouver, Officers Row and downtown Vancouver.


You can complete miles ANYWHERE for this challenge! Find popular trails wherever you are on Strava or All Trails. Note: Each bike mile counts for 0.5 miles in the challenge. Here are some local resources for Biking Trails:


* Please note: The trails at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge are pedestrian only.


You can complete miles ANYWHERE for this challenge! Find launch points near you using the GoPaddling app. Note: You can complete paddling miles with a kayak, paddleboard, canoe, or any other boat that you manually power. 


  • Port of Ridgefield Kayak Launch – Launch at the Port of Ridgefield onto Lake River and paddle to the tip of Bachelor Island. $10 Day Use Fee or Yearly Pass required.
  • Battle Ground Lake – A small lake surrounded by forested land. Motorized vehicles not permitted on the water. Discover Pass and boat launch permit required.
  • Lacamas and Round Lake – Located at Lacamas Regional Park, the two lakes connect. Round Lake offers calmer waters with no watersports. Multiple launch sites available.
  • Vancouver Lake – Vancouver Lake is an excellent lake for beginner paddlers. There are often events held here and the waters are prone to algae, so check the website before you go. Note: Dogs are not allowed in the park and $3 daily parking fee or Clark County Parks pass is required.


  • Alder Creek Kayak offers Kayak Rentals on Lake River in Ridgefield and on the Columbia River at Jantzen Beach.
  • Sweetwaer SUP Rentals offers standup paddleboard and kayak rentals on Lacamas Lake. *Sweetwater’s 2020 Season is currently on hold due to COVID-19. They plan to open in Phase 2*

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