Community Organizations

The City of Ridgefield is fortunate to have a strong base of citizens that take pride in their community and exhibit this pride through participating in the many public groups and events held in Ridgefield throughout the year.

Lion’s Club

The Lion’s Club is a group of men and women in the community that volunteer their time to service projects and fundraising in order to improve the City. Their motto is, “We Serve”. The club strives to help anyone in need and spreads love and kindness throughout the community. To learn more about how you can get involved visit their website.

Garden Club

The Garden Club is a group of community members dedicated to making Ridgefield beautiful with various flowers and plants. They are responsible for the planting and maintenance of these plants on the streets and in the parks.

Friends of the Ridgefield Library

The Friends of the Ridgefield Library consists of community members dedicated to raising funds, awareness, and goodwill for the Ridgefield Community Library. For more information, please contact Sean McGill at or 360-906-4770. You can also visit their new website here.

Friends of the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge

The Friend’s mission is to support, protect, and enhance the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and its wildlife habitat, as well as broaden public awareness and participation through its environmental, cultural, and educational opportunities. For more information or to become a member, contact the Friends by calling 360-887-9495, email, or visit the website at

Ridgefield Community Center Association

The Ridgefield Community Center Association provides a convenient facility for North County community events, meetings, celebrations, workshops, and classes. For more information, please contact Carla Bonebrake at (360) 887-0504 or

Ridgefield Junction Neighborhood Association

The Ridgefield Junction Neighborhood Association promotes community involvement within the Association boundaries. For more information, please contact Marc Krsul at (360) 887-5384.

Ridgefield Business Association

The Ridgefield Business Association proudly supports local business interests and advocates for business friendly practices within the City County, Community, and each other. The RBA provides a support structure for venues to connect, network, advertise, learn and grow.

In 1865, the towns first business was opened by Asa Richardson, who served as postmaster.  Twelve years later “The Ridgefield Commercial Club” was organized with the spirit to bring capital to Ridgefield and establish a manufacturing center.  Current day, the City of Ridgefield celebrates the tremendous business and community growth that the City has endured and succeeded.

For more information and to become a member, check out the website at on Facebook.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors provides a food and clothing bank in Ridgefield. For more information, visit them at 21814 NW 11th Avenue or call 360-887-3354.

Ridgefield Art Association

Ridgefield Art Association is a non-profit community arts group. The association philosophy encourages self-expression through the visual arts and fully supports all the arts including performance, literature, media, dance, music, graphic design, language arts, film/video, and theater. The group facilitates art exhibits, art sales, classes, lectures, performances, and other events including an annual spring art exhibit with shows generally held the first weekend in May. The Ridgefield Art Association also strives to inspire the hearts and minds of our talented youth through an annual art grant/scholarship. To find out more, visit their website.

American Legion

The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is the nation’s largest wartime veterans’ service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in the community. The organization advocates patriotism and honor, promotes strong national security and continued devotion to fellow service members and veterans.

Council for the Homeless

The Council for the Homeless is dedicated to helping everyone in Clark County have the opportunity for safe and affordable housing. Their mission is to lead the community’s efforts to prevent and end homelessness. For more information, visit their website.

Clark County Arts Commission

The Clark County Arts Commission supports the growing arts and cultural community and its many artists and performers.  The Arts Commission strives to stimulate participation and growth in the arts throughout Clark County by increasing access to the arts and encouraging the community to cultivate a thriving environment of creative expression and appreciation for the Arts.

Ridgefield Family Resource Center

The Ridgefield Family Resource Center provides emergency relief services for Ridgefield children and families in need by providing food, clothing and toiletries; and helps to raise awareness of available assistance services in the area.

RFRC is the result of a community partnership between Ridgefield School District, Compassion 360 and Church of the Nazarene. The Center is located within the  School District’s maintenance building at 304 Pioneer Street in Ridgefield. The doors are open on Thursdays from 10am-12pm and 5pm-7pm.

For more information, contact them at, by visiting, or calling 360-901-6439.