Ridgefield Whodunnits

Ridgefield is growing, and we want to help you get to know your community and neighbors.  So, we’ve created this family-friendly mystery game to get you going.

Please note: We recognize the continued need for following physical distancing protocols. This game can be safely completed while following these procedures. Please leave 6+ feet between you and other households when searching for evidence.


We had a 9 way tie for 1st Place, so our 1st and 2nd Place winners were randomly picked from those 9. 

1st Place: Robin Darland
2nd Place: Bethany Biel

Grand Prize Raffle Winner: David Wilken

Thank you everyone for playing along, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

If you returned a game packet and have not received your finisher’s prize yet, please come by City Hall during business hours and call 360-887-3557 when you are out front so we can bring one out for you..

The Case of the Captured Key

Game Begins: June 20th

It’s the 1920s. Ridgefield is celebrating just over 10 years of cityhood and the town is bustling with new buildings and business, including the Bratlie Brothers Mill, Red and White store, and Ridgefield Hardware. The small town is surrounded by farms and the main agricultural products included potatoes, prunes, wheat, and other grains. Over the past ten years, the Ridgefield has more than doubled in population, growing from 297 to 620. The Ridgefield Reflector, the local newspaper, is growing along with the town.

After a series of attempted robberies, the Ridgefield State Bank has constructed and opened a modern, state of the art bank at the corner of Pioneer and 3rd Avenue. The new vault features 18” of solid reinforced concrete and a 3000 lb. door. Mayor Newman C. Hall was excited to deposit the diamond and ruby encrusted solid gold key to the city.

On a Wednesday morning in early summer the banker finds that the bank and vault have been broken in to. Shocked and perplexed as to how the burglar was able to open the vault and avoid tripping the alarm, he quickly begins taking inventory of the safe and deposit boxes within the vault. The only thing missing, to their horror, is the prized key to the city. Desperate to know who could have outsmarted the most advanced security measures, and to find the irreplaceable key to the city, the Banker calls regionally renowned detective and local resident Detective Gwendolyn Roth to the scene.

CLUE 1                                                        CLUE 3                                      CLUE 5*

CLUE 2                                                        CLUE 4                                      CLUE 6

*Update 7/21: The banner for Clue 5 had to be replaced, so it looks a little different than the others. 

Meet the Suspects

Don “The Don” Fusilli

Left his home town of Chicago to move to Ridgefield in 1918. He owned a chain of pawn shops in Chicago and has been planning on opening his first pawn ship in Ridgefield this summer.

Ron ‘Fingers’ Rigatoni

Works as the local dentist. His patients are happy with his quick and painless tooth extraction thanks to his long fingers and his use of ‘laughing gas.’ He’s been a suspect in many crimes, but we have never been able to prove his involvement. 

Dana “The Friend” Taleggio

Known on the streets as “the friend of the friend,” Dana has a remarkable talent of connecting you with the right guy for the job – legal or otherwise. She’s the go-to call for when the speakeasy runs low on giggle juice.  While she hasn’t boasted of any crimes herself, she has shown a special interest in gold lately.

Lee “The Fox” Ragati

Runs the local full service gas station. It’s also rumored that he deals in stolen autos, but, no one has ever caught him.

Rob “Pretty Boy” Gemelli

Works at the Bratlie Brothers Lumber Mill as a foreman where he and the other workers often play ‘back alley dice’ during lunch break. They also sell concrete.

Jennifer “Rabbits” Pecorino

Jennifer has been in Clark County building her rap sheet for nearly 10 years. Recently she has been on the lam since escaping from the Ridgefield Jail 8 months ago. Her nickname is Rabbits because of her skill as an escape artist. Detective Roth believes she has stayed in the area and is a prime suspect for this job.

Sandra “With A Twist” Robiola

Sandra relocated from New York City to Ridgefield late last year in 1919. A mysterious woman, she quickly made connections with the local community but has not shared any details of her past in New York. Her thick Italian accent and apparent knowledge of bootleg liquor suggests she may be familiar with groups operating on the wrong side of the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the game work?
You will earn points by solving clues, gathering evidence, and completing fun activities.  Fill in the answers on your Evidence Collection Sheet and Explore the City Game Card so your points can be tallied at the end of the game.

How do we join?
Game packets are available online.  Simply download the packet here and print or complete the packet digitally. Inside you’ll find an Evidence Collection Sheet and an Explore Your City Game Card.
You can join the game at any time. The game packet, clues, and evidence will remain available through July 29.

How do I find the Clues & Evidence?
Six riddle clues will be revealed from June 20th to July 22nd weekly. Solve each riddle and it will lead you on an adventure to a location in the City of Ridgefield to find an Evidence Banner.  Once you arrive at the mystery location, look for a banner with the Whodunnits logo.  Solve the coded message on the banner using the cipher included in your game packet and write it on your Evidence Collection Sheet. After you have collected all 6 pieces of evidence, you’ll have everything you need to solve the Case of the Captured Key.

Clues will be posted each Saturday on this webpage, as well as the City of Ridgefield Facebook Page, and Instagram Page. The final clue will be announced Wednesday, July 22nd. You can join the game any time, the clues will remain available through July 29.

Shhhh, no sharing answers.  Remember the player with the most points wins.

How do we earn points?
You’ll earn points for each correctly completed Riddle and Evidence Banner. You will also receive points for completing the activities on the Explore Your City Game Card. Be sure to fill out the blanks completely to assure that you receive the points.

What do I do with my game card when I have solved the mystery?
Gameplay will begin with the posting of the first clue on June 20th. All completed game cards must be received by 5:00pm July 29th at City Hall. Game cards can be returned via email, mail or hand delivery to:

Email: Events@ci.ridgefield.wa.us

Mail: City of Ridgefield, PO Box 608, Ridgefield, WA 98642

Hand Delivery: Grey Payment Drop Box, 230 Pioneer St, Ridgefield WA 98642

How do you win?
Lots of winners!

      1. Everyone who completes an Evidence Collect Sheet will receive a Finisher’s prize.
      2. First and second place prizes will go to the two individuals who earn the most points. Ties will be broken by entering all tied participants into a blind drawing.
      3. All participants will receive raffle tickets for a prize drawing:
          • 1 ticket for each decoded message (max 6)

When will the winners be announced?
The winners will be announced on social media and this webpage on Saturday, August 1st. 

Does it cost anything?
Nope!  The game is free to play. You can work as a team, but should submit one packet per person. 

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