First Saturdays April

Ridgefield Whodunnits

Please note: We recognize the continued need for following physical distancing protocols. This game can be safely completed while following these procedures. Please leave 6+ feet between you and other households when searching for evidence.

You guessed it – it was Nimble Nolan who created and placed the Mind-Boggling Mural!

Thank you for participating in our 2021 Whodunnits Mystery Game! This year’s winners have been contacted.

The Mystery of the Mind-Boggling Mural!

A mystery mural has appeared at Abrams Park and we need your help to figure out who put it there! 

Each week we will upload a new version of the game map with an area to visit for a clue. Using the map and your trusty compass, you will visit the location and search for a clue! By the end of the month you may just have enough evidence to solve the mystery!


  1. Get a 2021 Whodunnits Game Packet.
    Available Friday, April 2nd one of two ways: (1) printable copy on this webpage, (2) in media file on front door of Ridgefield City Hall (230 Pioneer St).
    Click here to print the 2021 Whodunnits Game Packet
  2. Visit the Identified Locations.
    The first map, included in your game packet, will identify two locations to visit in Abrams Park. Use the map information to visit the location and find a bright yellow clue.
  3. Collect Evidence and Proof of Visit.
    Write down the evidence from the clue. Use the hole punch attached to the clue to mark your Evidence Collection Sheet as proof of visit.

An updated map with 2 additional locations will be posted to this webpage each Saturday in April. Visit each location to record the evidence and hole punch your Evidence Collection Sheet. Once you have visited all 8 locations, analyze the evidence to see if you can figure out Whodunnit!

Complete your Evidence Collection Sheet and Explore Your City Game Card and submit them by 5PM on Wednesday, April 28th for a chance to WIN!

Evidence Collection Sheets and Game Cards can be returned via email, mail or hand delivery to:


Mail: City of Ridgefield, PO Box 608, Ridgefield, WA 98642 (MUST be received by April 28th)

Hand Delivery: Grey Payment Drop Box, 230 Pioneer St, Ridgefield WA 98642

Game Materials

Each new map includes the previous week’s locations, so you can jump in anytime!

About Orienteering

What is Orienteering?

From Orienteering USA: “Orienteering is the sport of navigation, using a highly detailed map. Whether you’re an experienced hiker, competitive runner, or just a family or group out for an activity in a park, this sport helps you improve your navigation each time.

Orienteering can gradually build your map-reading skills from exploring a local city park full of obvious structures to navigating remote terrain with few, if any, man-made features.”

Watch the video below for a basic introduction to Orienteering:

Orienteering Maps:

From Orienteering USA: “Orienteering maps are drawn to a large scale when compared to most topographic maps. Most commonly they are 1:15000 (1cm=150m) or 1:10000 (1cm=100m) but for orienteering in parks you use a map drawn in a scale of 1:5000. All maps use an internationally agreed set of symbols and these are logical and easy to learn. You should absorb much of the information simply by attending your first few events. Most orienteering maps will also provide a detailed legend to help you understand the map.

Orienteering maps are drawn using magnetic north rather than ‘grid’ or ‘true’ north, and are printed in up to five standard colors. “

How to Navigate:

From Orienteering USA:

  1. Orient the map – Using your compass and major terrain features around you, hold the map so that the north arrow on the map is pointing the same way as the north arrow on your compass and the terrain features you see match up.
  2. Choose your route: Choose the best route for you based on your physical and navigational abilities. Often, going straight may not be the best choice. A method to choose your route is CAR:
    • Control: Look at the control you are going to. What are you looking for? What direction do you want to approach it from?
    • Attackpoint: What is the closest large or unique feature that indicates you are approaching your control?
    • Route: Which way will get you to the attackpoint and control the fastest? Are there other routes to consider?
  3. Simplify: There is a lot of information on the map. Choose which features you are going to use to navigate.
  4. Navigate: Go find your control!
  5. Relocate: When you get disoriented or you cannot find your control, a systematic approach to figuring out where you are can reduce the time it takes to correct yourself.
    • Stop: identify your last known location on the map
    • Consider the features you have seen, the features you currently see, and the time/length since your last location
    • Relocate: Try to identify where you actually are on the map (use at least three features to improve confidence). If you are unsure, identify a large, distinguishable feature you know you can easily find and go to that. (e.g. trails, lakes, etc)
  6. Repeat!

The Abrams Park Orienteering Map

A grant from the OrienteeringUSA’s Youth Mapping Program is funding the development of the Abrams Park orienteering map. The YMP was developed to make it convenient for schools and non-profit youth organizations in the United States to get a quality orienteering map made of their school or a nearby park. YMP map projects are intended to be small teaching maps.

The purpose of this program is threefold:

  1. To spread orienteering to as many youth as possible.
  2. To develop a self-sustaining process to match youth-serving non-profit organizations desiring maps with orienteering mappers and to provide a limited number of grants for map development.
  3. To provide a forum to share mapping practices and develop professional collaboration among our growing population of mappers

Thank you to Orienteering USA for bringing this fun and educational sport to Ridgefield!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the game work?
You will earn points by visiting locations, finding clues, collecting evidence, punching your evidence collection sheet, solving the mystery and completing fun activities.  Fill in the answers on your Game Packet so your points can be tallied at the end of the game.

How do we join?
Game packets are available online, or you can pick up a Whodunnits Activity Bag with a game packet on Friday, April 2nd from Ridgefield City Hall (230 Pioneer St) while supplies last. 

You can join the game at any time. The game packet, clues, and evidence will remain available through April 28th.

How do I find the Clues & Evidence?

An updated orienteering map will be available on the this webpage every Saturday in April. Each week will identify two new locations, with 8 total locations for the game. Once you arrive at the mystery location, look for a bright yellow laminated clue with the Whodunnits logo. Record the evidence in your game packet and use the attached hole punch to punch your Evidence Collection Sheet as proof you located the clue. After you have collected all 8 pieces of evidence, you’ll have everything you need to solve the Mystery of the Mind-Boggling Mural.

The updated orienteering map will be posted each Saturday on this webpage. The final map will be available Saturday, April 24th. You can join the game any time, the clues will remain available through April 28th.

How do we earn points?
You’ll earn points for each location visited and for your final answer solving the mystery. You will also receive points for completing the activities on the Explore Your City Game Card

What do I do with my game card when I have solved the mystery?
Gameplay will begin with the posting of the first map on Saturday, April 3rd. All completed game cards must be received by 5:00PM Wednesday, April 28th. Game cards can be returned via email, mail or hand delivery to:


Mail: City of Ridgefield, PO Box 608, Ridgefield, WA 98642

Hand Delivery: Grey Payment Drop Box, 230 Pioneer St, Ridgefield WA 98642

How do you win?
There will be multiple winners!

  • Mystery Solvers: 5 prizes will be awarded to the participants who solve the mystery. If more than 5 people solve the mystery, 5 will be randomly selected via raffle drawing. All participants who solve the mystery will be automatically entered in the drawing. 
  • Grand Raffle: You will receive 1 raffle ticket per 5 points earned in your Game Packet. Points can be earned for collecting evidence and completing tasks on the Explore Your City Game Card.

When will the winners be announced?
Winners will be contacted directly via the phone number submitted in the game packet on Friday, April 30th. 

Does it cost anything?
Nope!  The game is free to play. You can work as a team, but should submit one Game Packet per person (then you will have better chances to WIN!) 

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